Celebrate Friendship

Today is a day for me to celebrate friendships. First this morning – I met my training partner as I usually do on Friday mornings at 6:15 to swim. Only today was a bit sad since she is going on vacation for the next week and I will be training without her next week. I even wore this silly swim suit I have that she just loves – it is covered with pictures of trolls. Yes, the dolls with the multi-colored hair sticking straight up. I got it in a grab bag where you pay a discount price for a size but the online store decides the design. She did it and got hearts on one and plaid on another. I got trolls. Since she likes it and I won’t see her for a week, I wore it. Well, darned if those trolls weren’t a good luck charm. I had a great swim. We swam 2,500 meters and I was very consistent in the main set with my pace maintaining a 2:04 pace per 100 meters or better. I will miss her in many ways next week – training together, hot tub chats, and just knowing she is in town and near by. So celebrating her by wearing trolls is well worth it.

This afternoon I didn’t have a workout scheduled. I had taken my car to be serviced this morning and needed a ride to pick it up in the afternoon. I called a dear friend of mine that I met in an unconventional way. I bought the house I live in from her ten years ago when she was going through a divorce and we hit it off right away. She has remarried and lives close by. We also understand each other and our busy schedules. Getting together happens about once every six months and each time it is as if we just saw each other only days ago. When she answered the phone she said she was just thinking of calling me today. We were destined to get together. She took me to get my car and we went to dinner. Dinner lasted a long time and then we went to her house and enjoyed the beautiful summer evening talking on her porch. She also had gotten involved in running about nine years ago. She hasn’t run in several years and I miss her at 5K races. I think I have planted a seed and hopefully she will be running again soon. An unexpected evening spent in the company of a great friend. All the more to celebrate.

Last night I was up a bit later than usual – I didn’t get to sleep until 10:30. This morning I was dragging but I had no intention of missing my workout. Seeing my friend before vacation was more important than an extra hour of sleep. We had a good time and we both had good swims today too. This afternoon I couldn’t wait to just get my car and go to bed. Once I saw my friend, the tired feeling just went away and spending time with her was better than any late afternoon nap. Now I will be going to bed very soon. Tomorrow I plan on waking early to get all of the training I have planned in on time. I may be a little short of seven hours of sleep, but there is not one thing today that I would change to have gotten to bed earlier. Celebrating friendships is worth every minute I spent with my friends today. That is seizing the day.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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