I had a dream this morning right before my alarm went off that I was swimming. With all of the swimming I have done this year, this is the first time I can recall dreaming about it. Since I have noticed such an improvement without feeling fatigued, I woke up excited to get to the pool to actually swim. As the early morning fog quickly faded in my head, I realized today is Thursday and I am running, not swimming. I can’t say I was disappointed, I enjoy all three disciplines in triathlon. My only brief hesitation was today is an “easy” run. Translation – run the hilly streets at a pace that doesn’t have me breathing hard and I can carry on a conversation. I noticed a few things during my five mile run – I am able to go longer distances running while my heart rate stays under my target of 130, I am able to jog up hills a while before my heart rate hits the walk zone, and my heart rate is recovering quicker. All factors that lead to walking less – I still struggle with the mental aspect of walking when I know my body is more than fit enough to run. But if training consistently in my lower aerobic zones will lead to less walking and improved metabolism, I will push through the struggle. A wonderful thing happened this morning after I got home from my run. The skies opened up and poured rain for a good amount of the day. Puddles actually lasted for a while too. It has been so dry here for so long, more rain is needed but this was a good start.

This afternoon I lifted weights and changed up my ab workout. I came across a workout on another blog that featured plank exercises for abs over crunches. Since core strength is essential for swimming, cycling, and running, I am giving it a try. I frequently chuckle at how perspective can change. Wishing for rain in the middle of summer? Go long enough without rain, then wishing happens. Less than a second and a half seems so short until I try swimming with a 1.2 second stroke pace. Today I quickly learned that thirty seconds is a very long time when held in side plank.

Perspective is a funny thing. I am learning more and more that being flexible and open to modification is essential for growth. Sometimes modifications work and sometimes not, but knowledge was gained along the way. I want to keep learning because I want to keep growing. Dreaming about swimming, hoping for rain, making modifications in training – all things that are a result of my willingness to change my perspective. And also teaching me not to make quick judgements, one more step in learning to seize the day to the fullest.

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  1. I just decided that I need to start planks too! They really help with lower back strength also. I need that for long, pounding runs. P.S. Sorry I’ve been away for so long! Life has gotten in the way, big time. I’ve missed reading your blog!

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