Listening… And Obeying

“Listen to your body” is a phrase we have all heard. Anyone who knows a teenager also knows it is one thing to listen – and another to obey. Well today I listened and I actually obeyed.

This morning I felt good when I woke up. I made it to the pool anxious to swim. My workout was 2,500 meters and I started with my kicking drills. When I went into my swim I could tell I was off a little bit. My tempo trainer is set at 1.2 seconds and I had a hard time keeping track. First I would stroke ahead of the beat then too slow. I was focusing on my kick and my stroke at the same time and neither were as affective as I had planned. My intervals were not as fast as Wednesday, but still an improvement over a few weeks ago. My overall time was right on an hour, considering it took over eight minutes to cover 200 meters on my kick drills, I was satisfied.

As the day wore on I felt lathargic. My go to caffeine drink Speed Stack wasn’t working. I had a tempo run scheduled this evening and wanted to be alert for it. After work I had an errand to run and by the time I got home and ready to run it was 7:30. The tempo workout is 7 miles. And then there was dinner that I hadn’t eaten yet… A quick check with my run schedule my trainer sent me and I saw next Friday there is no run scheduled. Well there is now. I want the run to be a beneficial workout, not a weak attempt. I emailed my trainer to tell her my plan. She replied confirming it is a good idea and always listen to my body. And obey…

I changed and made dinner. As I reached to get a plate out of the cupboard I felt something. Aching muscles on either side of my waist just below my ribs. The area that is worked when plank exercises are done correctly. Well, I can now tell my core workout did what it was supposed to do last night. I have been doing crunches consistently since January and today is the first day I have ever felt the results of an ab workout all year. Huh, there is something to it after all. The strain also could be a contributor to my swim workout this morning.

So I obeyed the signals my body told me today. Skipping a workout always gives me a little pang of guilt, but I know I did it for the right reasons today. I’d rather rest and be well prepared for my long ride tomorrow than have one more workout logged in just to say I did it. Training for triathlon I have learned so much about what my body, and my will, are capable of. More than just getting faster, I am learning to listen to what I need as well as humbling myself and yielding to something that is better for me though may be counter to my will. Life lessons that I most certainly will apply beyond the pool, bike, and run path.

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