Listening… And Obeying

“Listen to your body” is a phrase we have all heard. Anyone who knows a teenager also knows it is one thing to listen – and another to obey. Well today I listened and I actually obeyed.

This morning I felt good when I woke up. I made it to the pool anxious to swim. My workout was 2,500 meters and I started with my kicking drills. When I went into my swim I could tell I was off a little bit. My tempo trainer is set at 1.2 seconds and I had a hard time keeping track. First I would stroke ahead of the beat then too slow. I was focusing on my kick and my stroke at the same time and neither were as affective as I had planned. My intervals were not as fast as Wednesday, but still an improvement over a few weeks ago. My overall time was right on an hour, considering it took over eight minutes to cover 200 meters on my kick drills, I was satisfied.

As the day wore on I felt lathargic. My go to caffeine drink Speed Stack wasn’t working. I had a tempo run scheduled this evening and wanted to be alert for it. After work I had an errand to run and by the time I got home and ready to run it was 7:30. The tempo workout is 7 miles. And then there was dinner that I hadn’t eaten yet… A quick check with my run schedule my trainer sent me and I saw next Friday there is no run scheduled. Well there is now. I want the run to be a beneficial workout, not a weak attempt. I emailed my trainer to tell her my plan. She replied confirming it is a good idea and always listen to my body. And obey…

I changed and made dinner. As I reached to get a plate out of the cupboard I felt something. Aching muscles on either side of my waist just below my ribs. The area that is worked when plank exercises are done correctly. Well, I can now tell my core workout did what it was supposed to do last night. I have been doing crunches consistently since January and today is the first day I have ever felt the results of an ab workout all year. Huh, there is something to it after all. The strain also could be a contributor to my swim workout this morning.

So I obeyed the signals my body told me today. Skipping a workout always gives me a little pang of guilt, but I know I did it for the right reasons today. I’d rather rest and be well prepared for my long ride tomorrow than have one more workout logged in just to say I did it. Training for triathlon I have learned so much about what my body, and my will, are capable of. More than just getting faster, I am learning to listen to what I need as well as humbling myself and yielding to something that is better for me though may be counter to my will. Life lessons that I most certainly will apply beyond the pool, bike, and run path.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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