An Off Day

I have never been one to be early to anything except movies. I am usually right on time, maybe a minute or two late. If I am late, I always call or text who I am meeting to let them know. My training partner is always early. She knows I feel bad about it because I don’t like to keep her waiting. Time after time she has told me she does not mind at all. This morning as I was leaving my house to load my gym bag in the car to meet her at the pool, she called. Her first words were “don’t be mad, I am already here.” I chuckled because I wasn’t mad at all. Her next comment did not make me happy. She goes on to say “the gym is closed, the entire area is without power. I am driving to your house to take a shower.” While I was not happy that I couldn’t swim this morning, I must admit I just love that she is early and will never comment about it again.

Since we didn’t get to swim this morning we decided to swim after work and probably skip the cycle workout that was scheduled this afternoon. There is a good chance of thunderstorms on Friday and we may not get to swim then, so we didn’t want to miss two swims this week. Also, Saturday is looking wonderful and we are riding 60 miles then. By the time I got to work this morning I was ready for a nap. This may sound silly, but I am more awake after a hard workout in the morning. Besides, chlorine in the morning is just as potent as a double espresso. I was a little concerned about swimming after work. Most of my late day swims have been lethargic. Well I was very consistent in my swim this afternoon. Consistently off by 5 to 8 seconds per 100 meters. I was focusing on my tempo trainer, working on my slow but gliding stroke and kicking. I was beginning to think there was some current in the pool pushing me back, but I was just off my game today. We swam 3,000 meters with the main set of 1,900 made up of descending intervals of 550/450/350/250/150/100/50. My average pace was about 2:10 per 100 meters. For a “slow” workout at the end of the day I realized I shouldn’t be too disappointed. When I did my 1,500 time trial that really upset me early this month I averaged 2:09. And it was in the morning and I felt fresh.

Some days, like today, plans don’t always go as expected. No matter how well trained, some workouts are just off. I know I would rather the “off” days be training days and not race days. I have written on flexibility and every time I am challenged to bend I look for the good in it. Today my good is my expectations within just this month have risen in my swim ability. There is always something, even the tiniest, that is good in each day. Seize it and share it.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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