Appreciating Days

It is the end of August – the year is two thirds over and with Labor Day weekend, summer is unofficially over. One more week until my race, which marks the end of triathlon season for me. Wow, time is just flashing by. My taper is in full swing, I swam 2,000 meters this morning.Continue reading “Appreciating Days”

Listening To My Heart

I have been good at listening to my body, but it doesn’t mean I have to like what I hear. This morning my resting heart rate was 64. That is what it is when I am strolling, not laying in bed. I really wanted to get my tempo run in before work, but I knewContinue reading “Listening To My Heart”

Food For Thought

It seems that nutrition has been a popular topic I have come across lately. My trainer recommended a book to read on nutritional periodization, a fellow blogger Bgddy Jim and I trade somewhat opposing ideas on nutrition, and then today at work we had another lunch meeting with a nutritionist from The Cleveland Clinic. The ironyContinue reading “Food For Thought”

Positive Slope

Every day has something good in it. The thought actually crossed my mind to repeat that phrase over and over like a student in detention would write on a chalk board. Repetition causes …. Belief.  Ah there is the word – Believe. And I do believe this to be true. My good thing today wasContinue reading “Positive Slope”

Excitement in Anticipation

My official taper has begun. As if the weather forecast knew I had flexibility in my schedule this week, the skies opened up and rained shortly after I finished my swim outside this morning and continued all day. As a result, I am moving by cycling workout from tonight to tomorrow. The weather looks betterContinue reading “Excitement in Anticipation”

Roll With It

When life is too much, roll with it, baby Don’t stop and lose your touch, oh no, baby – Steve Winwood Mr. Winwood released Roll With It the year I graduated from college. And 24 years later I am here to tell you that I did just that – I rolled with it. Yesterday afternoonContinue reading “Roll With It”

Modifications, Motivations, and Adaptations

With my race two weeks away, today was supposed to be my last 50 mile bike ride before tapering. I decided to cut it down to 35 miles – I told my friend I would return his car by noon and it is about a 40 minute drive. Unless I started riding by 7:00 whenContinue reading “Modifications, Motivations, and Adaptations”

The Unexpected Day

I can honestly say the events that happened today I could have never expected. This morning I woke up at 4:30 to go to the pool and felt fatigued before I got out of bed. My resting heart rate was 62 – compared to 44 yesterday morning. After a few snooze button hits nothing changed.Continue reading “The Unexpected Day”

My Mantra Is Working

Believe. That is my mantra. I chose it because frankly I have trouble sometimes believing that I am enough. That I have the ability, that I am able to swim, cycle, and run faster. Oh and many more remains on the list, but for now I am sticking to triathlon. My workouts the past weekContinue reading “My Mantra Is Working”

What the Day Gives Us

Buying new pillows is not something I would consider a potential issue three weeks before a race. I was wrong. I set up new memory foam pillows last night that are a bit fuller than my old ones. While I am sure I will adapt, I had a very difficult time sleeping last night. OnContinue reading “What the Day Gives Us”