What Is, Is

Today was a great example of what is, is. I am entitled to my moments, but it will not keep me down. Living in our sorrows is worse than eating a fried fatty diet and not exercising. It kills our soul. I have a healthy strong body and I want the same for my soul. So I will celebrate all that I need, I have. As well as many of the wants. –Ā Me

I wrote that in a post back in February. I was having a bad day and missing my mother. Today was a similar day. And yes, I cried a bit too. Sometimes I just have one of those stressful days that a good conversation with my mother always made it better. As I cried I thought of how I have written many times that even the darkest days have a little joy. I then turned to the mirror on the wall in my basement workout room and saw my mascara was running. “This is supposed to be waterproof!!” I literally yelled out loud. And that made me laugh. So my little chuckle of joy came from a poorly designed tube of mascara. My apologies to my male readers for going a little girly on you today.

This morning I did have a good swim, and I don’t wear mascara to the pool so I didn’t have raccoon eyes. My legs were feeling the effect of my 12 mile run on Saturday and 60 mile ride yesterday. Swimming was a welcomed relief. I met my training partner and we swam 2,500 meters. The main set was made up of six sets of 150 meters, 100 meters, and 50 meters. I am working on the two beat kick that Total Immersion teaches. It is a work in progress but I noticed progress. On all sets I was swimming consistent on a 2:02 per 100 meter pace. So the day started off well, one more joy to focus on.

By the end of the day I noticed my legs still felt fatigued. I realized the last time I felt like this was the day after a big race. In that case I would rest, but I had a ride scheduled this evening. My compromise – ride an hour on my trainer. The weather was turning cloudy and my little issues that upset me cropped up, so riding on my trainer inside and reading a book was the safest thing to do. Along with saving my legs from the burn of the hills in my neighborhood.

After my indoor ride is when I had my “human” stress relief moment, so I would have to say it was mascara that gave me a chuckle to remind myself that what is, truly is. Somedays the joy abounds and we sing with the birds. Other days, like today for me, I acknowledge my challenges, mourn what I need to mourn, and realize that I am stronger for seeing the weaknesses – not ignoring them. Adrienne, now I am going to have to print out my quote and post it in my house. Your comment to my post in February inspired me today. One more joy today – friends I have met through blogging.

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  1. Sorry to read that you were/are feeling down. It’s a good thing to be able to recognize when you feel out of sorts. If you have a waterproof mascara that actually works (and is under $20) let me know!

    1. Thank you for commenting! For sure it is NOT Cover Girl Lashblast Fusion… L’Oreal is a bit better. More to come AND I stopped buying department store makeup years ago. Drug store brands are owned by the same companies. šŸ™‚

  2. So glad you were able to pull through! We all have those moments — and it’s good to find something, even as small as the mascara, to make us laugh. šŸ™‚

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