A Swim To Believe In

My swim workout this morning would have to fall in line with my mantra Believe. I mentioned earlier this month that I wanted to be able to consistently break 2:00 on my 100 meter repeats. Now in all fairness this was said in reference to the workout where I swim 19 x 100 meters. While I did not do that workout today, I did do one that had a total of 2,500 meters with a main set made up as 400, 4 x 100, 300, 3 x 100, 200, 3 x 100. So a total of 9 100 meter repeats. And the slowest one I did was 1:59. Most were 1:58, a few were 1:57 and one, the last of the 3 x 100, was 1:56. Woo. Hoo. Hoo! My longer sets were between 2:01 and 2:02. What changed? I am focusing with each workout on swimming using the Total Immersion method to glide through the water. Rather than using my strength to pull the water back on my stroke I am concentrating on driving forward with my entry. My kick is improving as well to drive my body forward. I counted strokes and was between 23 and 25 per 50 meters. My goal is to be between 20 to 22. I was at 26 to 27, so I am getting there. Once again, now my swim workout has shown me what I am capable of. One more thing to draw on and Believe when doubts arise.

This afternoon I started out later than I had planned to ride, but I still got just under 18 miles in. The plan was for 20, so I am not disappointed. Sometimes adjustments have to be made. I road the hills in my neighborhood and took it easy. As I mentioned to my training partner, with less than three weeks to go, the focus is on maintaining fitness and not getting injured. It was a beautiful late afternoon/early evening to ride and I enjoyed every mile. Even the one with the really big hill in it.

I find myself having to remember to take in the here and now. After my swim when I went into the hot tub I was so happy with how I did. I also started calculating in my mind how I should do in the race based on this pace. What more can I do to improve. And then I can hear the breaks slamming to a halt in my head. That is three weeks away. Today was a great workout. Enjoy the moment! I must say, realizing what a great swim it was for today – energized my day. I am still smiling about it. So I will enjoy the moment, seize the day, appreciate all that is around me now. For that is what I know to be true.

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