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It seems that nutrition has been a popular topic I have come across lately. My trainer recommended a book to read on nutritional periodization, a fellow blogger Bgddy Jim and I trade somewhat opposing ideas on nutrition, and then today at work we had another lunch meeting with a nutritionist from The Cleveland Clinic. The irony here is that all three sources do not line up. The nutritionist from the Clinic targets more the “average” person, not athlete, and stresses how no added sugar and very little sodium is the way to go. Bgddy Jim – bless his heart – is all for Whoppers, onion rings and sugar sodas. Don’t laugh – he is an incredible cyclist, at least 6 foot tall and under 160 pounds. (sorry if I am off on the stats, but think very athletic, muscular and no fat). The book on nutritional periodization, which is focused on endurance athletes, targets lean protein, carbs mostly from fruits and vegetables, and whole grains when exercise is at peak. The author also stresses the need for sodium and some simple sugars during exercise.

I have been eating mostly in line with the book titled Nutrition Periodization for Athletes by Bob Seebohar. Sorry Jim – I don’t eat meat anymore, never was an onion ring fan, although I will admit I drank a diet Coke today because I had a long drive and was sleepy… With the amount of exercise I do, sodium for me is a necessity. I sweat it out faster than I can replace it. Since I made the changes, I have noticed improvements. I do think it has helped improve my metabolism which my test last week noted. As for added sugar – in endurance sports longer than 90 minutes, refueling is essential and sports gels, energy bars, and chews are simple sugars that do the trick.

My training today began with my swim – my last 2,500 meter distance swim before the race. The main set was the familiar 19 x 100 meter repeats. I averaged 2:03 per 100 meters. If I am able to keep that pace in the race, it will be a great swim. This evening I really wanted to get a ride in. I got home close to 7:00 after all I had to do, so I made it to the basement to get a quick ride in and give my legs some exercise. While I am tapering, I don’t want my muscles to forget what they have to do in the race soon. Preparation is more than exercise too – metal preparation I have worked quite a bit on, and nutrition has also played a part.

There is so much to noodle on when it comes to nutrition. (haha, pun intended) How ridged to be? I play by the 90/10 rule. Most of the time (90%) I am spot on good and follow the rules. But there is the 10% time when I indulge a bit – a little ice cream, reduced fat kettle potato chips (gasp! yes it is true), and a nice glass of wine… or two. But don’t forget the Ms. Type A Detail Junky I am – I keep track of ever calorie burned and consumed on My Fitness Pal. A little something to keep me in line, because I want to enjoy each day – just not over do it.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. You pretty much have me pegged with a couple of caveats… First, I gave up drinking soda on a regular basis – meaning daily – last year, I’ve had a few since, but my staple is water, or if I need because of high mileage, sports drinks. I got into the Coke yesterday to see what the app I was reviewing would say. Second, I’ve tried to make it clear that, while I do eat fast food, it is rare. I’m not all about Whoppers, I’m just not afraid of what they’ll put on my gut anymore because I have a hard time physically eating enough good food to keep from dropping below 155 already (currently 6’0″ and 155.2). I literally need a few empty calories every now and then to top off the tank.

    With the review of the new app I just thought it would be fun to see how bad off I really am (carbs, sodium through the roof – calories a shade low again today but I was MUCH better off, and I left the Coke in the cooler at the gas station.


    Oh, that awesome cyclist part read awesome! Thanks.

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