Listening To My Heart

I have been good at listening to my body, but it doesn’t mean I have to like what I hear. This morning my resting heart rate was 64. That is what it is when I am strolling, not laying in bed. I really wanted to get my tempo run in before work, but I knew that was not the smartest thing to do when I clearly needed rest. So I slept a bit more.

It didn’t help. All morning I was dragging and wanted to go back to bed. I had several important meetings at work today, so I relied on caffeine to get me through. I was able to leave after my meetings and get to the gym. I ran a modified tempo run – a mile warm up and four miles at my target race pace for the triathlon, between 10:45 and 11:00 minute pace. After a total of five miles I walked a quarter mile cool down. I was tired during my run, but it still felt good. My heart rate stayed in the upper end of my zone three, which is what I was going for. All in all I felt good during the run.

After I headed outside and took a nap in the sun by the pool. It closes Monday, so I am literally soaking it in while it lasts. When I awoke I glanced at my heart rate monitor – 87. I am napping and my heart rate is almost double what is should be. I am sure my tiredness coupled with the caffeine is at fault. Oh and maybe the run…

So now I will be able to get to bed early and hopefully get the rest I need. Even though I was a bit out of it today – I had a good run, I got to nap in the sun, and made a new friend as a result of one of my meetings. See, each day has good parts. All I have to do is look for it.

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