Appreciating Days

It is the end of August – the year is two thirds over and with Labor Day weekend, summer is unofficially over. One more week until my race, which marks the end of triathlon season for me. Wow, time is just flashing by. My taper is in full swing, I swam 2,000 meters this morning. Just a few repeats of 300’s, 200’s, and 100’s. I am fighting the thoughts that I should do more – but this is taper. As summer is winding down, so too is my intense training until race day.

With the end of August and the welcome of September, it is time to review goals and set new ones. My August goals began with my sprint race expectations – I wanted to complete it in 1:35 – it in did 1:35:26 according to the official time. It was a bitter sweet achievement. I was very happy with my swim. The conditions were utterly terrible. I stayed consistent with my stroke and made it through. Horrifically, a first time triathlete, unfamiliar with such tough water, drown. He was a young father and his family was there on the beach. So with my achievement, I will also have the sadness of tragedy. My training goals were to continue my efficiency improvement in swimming, that I have been able to do. My feeling of accomplishment is so strong. Swimming has been by far my weakest link. To see the improvement I have made in such a short time gives me further hope. In cycling I wanted to get my long rides in and a little running after to acclimate my legs. I was able to get two 50 mile rides and a 60 mile ride in with running after. I feel prepared. My running goals were to continue to work with my trainer and focus on faster paces at lower heart rate zones. My test last week showed I have done just that. Again, encouragement in my second weakest sport.

Now on to September. On September 9th I will participate in my fourth half iron distance triathlon, the third year in a row on the same course. Overall I would love to break 6:30. Last year I was at 6:51. By segments: the swim my goal time is 40 minutes or better, the bike I hope to average 17.5 miles per hour for a time of 3:12, and the run would be thrilling to complete in 2:25 or better. Transitions are also where I have to pick up the pace. Once the race is over I will have a few days rest and then my marathon training begins. Note – my sister recently told me moss sure doesn’t grow under my feet. Reading what I do, I see her point. I have a half marathon race on September 29th in my home town of Akron. It is a well organized and attended race, I look forward to it. Will it be a PR? I would like to, I set my PR in February at 2:19:19. To break that seven months later would be nice. As for my training, I will be focusing on running but I can not give up the pool. I plan on swimming two to three times a week. If my schedule allows, I do want to get out on the bike or on my stationary bike at least once a week.

With so much to do and only 30 days in September to do it, I must remember that it is made up of 30 individual days. I am learning more and more that while my calendar lists the workouts for the day, sometimes circumstances will require modifications. I want to appreciate each day, each loved one, and each experience – good and bad. There is always something to learn. Which reminds me of one more goal – to go the entire month without locking my key in my car… unlike July and August.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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