Country Roads

This morning I did my last brick workout before the race. My ride was 30 miles – relatively easy but it is in my hilly neighborhood. I looked at the total elevation gained along the rolling hills – 1,493 feet. I averaged 15.7 miles per hour, considering it is taper week and I should be taking it easy I was satisfied with my pace. Along the ride I saw my friend who is training for the same race, he road a few miles with me. I must say, when I was able to draft off of his wheel it was a welcome relief. The only problem was we were approaching a hill and I lost him on the hill. I am determined to strengthen my legs for the climb so next year I won’t fall back so far.

After my ride I ran two miles to keep my legs accustomed to the transition. I felt a little tightness in my right calf within the first quarter mile but I was able to run it out quickly. The temperature was 80 degrees by the time I started my run and I still managed to keep under an 11:30 pace. Again – for an easy run the pace was satisfying.

While I do have hills to conquer on my rides and runs – in fact the last 50 mile ride I did the total elevation gain was 3,245 feet, I get to ride on some great roads. My entire ride today I was passed by no more than 20 automobiles and not one beep. Country roads tend to get kinder drivers. The scenery is fabulous – fields, farms, horses, and cows. (The aroma could be a bit better at times though…) Because of the vast stretches of land, stop signs and traffic lights are few and far between. Over the 30 mile ride today I had one traffic light (got it twice coming and going) and a total of 9 stop signs (the coming and going are counted in the number). It is a peaceful place, the climbs are tough at times but the downhills are thrilling. So much like life – challenges and thrills, but if you look around there is much to admire along the way.

Today I rode most of the same route I rode last week. It was sunnier last week and I was able to take a picture of a farmhouse beyond a soy bean field. Here is a snap shot of what I am able to see along my winding road.

My country road view.

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