Sometimes modifications have to be made. My long run this morning was scheduled to be 16 to 18 miles staying in zone two to low zone three for my heart rate. Next week my long run is 14 to 16 miles, a bit shorter since I have the half marathon a week after. Today I decided to swap out the runs. It was a perfect day to run today and I started out at 7:30 this morning. I made the change because at 12:30 my sister was driving up to meet me and go to lunch and then shopping – to celebrate her birthday (and it is a milestone 5-0). We live 45 miles apart and talk frequently because of our father and his care, but rarely have time to visit. She was worth cutting my run short by 3 miles.

I ran a total of 15 miles and learned quite a bit. First, I tried the run without taking any electrolyte supplements. Mistake. When I did the race last week I took one every hour. By two hours into my run today my legs, especially my hamstrings, were feeling the ache and fatigue I usually get. I had plenty of issues last week in the race, but my legs held up well. Next week I am going to try every hour and a half taking a supplement and see how I do. Second, I need to hide sports drink on the course when I run so far. I carried two bottles in hand carriers but it was still cumbersome. I am used to one, but not two. After 4 miles I hid one behind a subdivision sign, I knew I would be back in a few miles. In all I had 7 miles to run with only one bottle and it was much better. Third – when ever possible I am going to run on the towpath. It is so hilly in my neighborhood and CIM actually has a net drop of 320 feet in elevation. With all of the rolling hills I ran up a total of 2,972 feet and down a total of 2,835 feet. No wonder my hamstrings hurt. Finally – I need to change the battery in my heart rate monitor strap on a regular basis and not wait for it to die, like it did this morning. I am pretty sure I stayed around 135 for my heart rate based on how I felt, but the battery gave out by mile four.

My afternoon was fabulous. My sister and I are three and a half years apart (yes, I am the younger one 😉 ). We both have such busy lives and different interests, we don’t have the opportunity to spend quality time together. Today was perfect – not a cloud in the sky, about 70 degrees, and no wind. We ate lunch at a cafe outside and then we shopped for her to pick out a perfume scent from my favorite line of perfumes – Bond No. 9 – as her gift.  This is an emotional time for both of us. Tomorrow will be the second anniversary of our mother’s passing. Just 10 days before my sister’s actual birth date. It was good to be with family today. To celebrate a happy occasion. To laugh and enjoy the day. Once in a while I would feel the ache in my legs from the 15 miles I put in this morning, but it was easy to overlook. And a modification I was glad to make for a much more important event.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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