An Aquatic Day

After five days in a row of running, today was an off day. Of course I chose to cross train and I swam. My legs are feeling the fatigue from running 15 miles of rolling hills yesterday, so a swim was a nice break for my legs. This morning I swam 3,000 meters with the main set of 2,500 in one big pyramid that I read about from The Holistic Triathlete. This was a good workout and challenged my endurance. I can tell coming off of the half iron race I am still in recovery mode. My pace was a little slower than where I was before the race. The workout gave me a good bench mark to monitor my strength and improvement. Something to think about as I just keep swimming…

Which leads to my next aquatic event today. One of my mantras in the pool I snagged from an internet search when I found a clip of Dora from Finding Nemo. She was singing “just keep swimming…” and I thought it would be a good mantra. I had not thought of it on my own because I have not seen the entire movie. Hey – I do not have children so many of these movies go under my radar. Well that is changing this evening. Shortly I am meeting my training partner to see the movie – in 3D. Another thing I have yet to participate in. So tonight will be a big night of firsts for me.

For the most part, there is something so peaceful about the water. The rare exceptions are when there are rip tide warnings and six foot swells. But swimming in the pool and calm waters bring a feeling of peace to me. The water (and my ear plugs) block out much of the noise surrounding me. I do not have hills to conquer. I am free to swim and let my mind go.  Today is a good day to find peaceful feelings. I mentioned yesterday that today is the second anniversary of my mother’s passing. It is also the same date that my training partner’s mother passed away, 16 years ago. What an odd, but special, thing to share. So we will find laughter today in the movie and I will reflect on the peaceful feeling I have from the water. Once again finding joy in a day that could so easily bring sadness. Seize the day while it is here.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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