Spa Escape

For those of you who have been reading my blog for a while may have noticed that I have taken vacation right around the changing of the seasons. I was on a cruise in the Caribbean with a friend on the first day of spring and I was in the Bahamas with my family on the first day of summer. Well, I may be a day late, but today I hopped in my car and drove East. All the way through Pennsylvania to the Poconos. I found a destination spa to escape to and I am here on my own. Something I have to own up to, I am a spa girl. Since 2007 when I first discovered destination spas I have been hooked. For the past five years I have gone to Lake Austin Spa in Austin, Texas. I still have plans to go back again next year hopefully. This year it was tough to work in. Finding the Lodge at Woodloch here in the Poconos was a treat. The drive took me six and a half hours, which is equal to or less than the travel time to fly to Austin door to door. I might add, life is much better in 6.0 – as in iOS. Siri and iMaps told me where to turn, how far to go and kept revising my ETA.

Getting away on my own at least once a year is something I crave. Despite being single with no kids, I rarely have time to myself to decompress. This is my time. While I am very outgoing, I recharge best in solitude. Signs of an extrovert with a strong introvert undercurrent. Beginning with my drive, I enjoyed the time alone. It wasn’t until I had been on the road for a little over an hour and Siri told me I was to stay on interstate 80 for 239 miles did I let a friend know I had time to chat. Side note – Siri is good to text while driving, but I still try to limit it. Fortunately my friend called and she and I talked for a while. We both are entertaining ideas of moving more and more toward a vegetarian lifestyle. She is also a triathlete and we are learning more about endurance athletes, protein, and still being vegetarian. After talking a while we said farewell and I was back to my drive and scenery. One more call came in from a friend and we talked a bit about my running and his cycling and the time this week I will have to train, relax and unwind. Then I hit the mountains and lost the call. So maybe an hour of my six and a half hour drive was filled with conversation. The rest of the time I took in the sights and spent time in my thoughts.

The sights – Pennsylvania is already showing its fall colors earlier than Ohio. I also enjoyed the rolling hills. Much of Ohio driving is flat, only the eastern area, starting about where I live, has significant hills. Here are my sights.



I had clouds, rain, sun, and rain while the sun shined. I also saw the most beautiful rainbow. I was deep in thought when Train (one of my favorite bands) came on the radio singing Calling All Angels. Just as I heard “I need a sign, to let me know you’re here” the rainbow appeared across the sky. My sign, God and my angels are here. Here is my rainbow.


This will be a good week, I know. Time to unwind, appreciate all I have in my life, and know I am not alone while I am here on my own. Talking today with dear friends, texting with my sister and a few other friends after I arrived – a few reminders of the many loved ones in my life. So this week I will be sharing my spa experience. I took today as a rest day after running 18 miles yesterday. And what a day it has been. Tonight I am writing while I sit outside by the fire pit. What a great way to end such a good day. Yes, I can say I seized the day today.


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