Kayaking, Running, and Swimming All Wrapped Up

For me, waking at 6:30 is sleeping in – just what I did this morning. After getting a few things together I headed down for breakfast and then out to the docks. It was still in the upper 40’s when I got to the little lake here to go kayaking. I had on layers, so I came prepared. It was an absolutely beautiful morning – the sun was shining, the wind was still and the waters calm. The mist off the lake was captivating. I took picture and will have them up soon, I used my waterproof camera and my new HD Pro Hero (a very cool video camera) strapped to my chest. It was a good upper body workout but also calming. I went at my own pace, enjoying the surroundings. All around the lake are cranberry groves – several times my kayak got up close and personal with the bushes too… Water lilies also sprung up here and there. I did see one live creature jump out of the water, but I never identified it. The lake is dotted with fake mallards – for a slalom course. I tried a few turns, a very technical course. I enjoyed the challenge of a sport I do not do often. Variety and change really does spice things up.

After kayaking, I changed and headed out to the path that winds along the property for a run. I did not have a run scheduled, but my Sunday long run was on Saturday and my Saturday 45 minute easy run didn’t happen. So today I ran 35 minutes easy. I am in the mountains and even the paved trail her has two good hills. It is only a mile long, so I ran it three times. So “easy” still had six hills to climb. A mantra I use occasionally but snicker at is “hills make you stronger”. Ya, ya…

After lunch and a little reading I decided to swim a bit. The pool here is a “fitness” pool. Translation – fitness class. It is warmer, about 84 degrees, and only 13 yards long. It brought back memories of lap swimming in the pool on the ship six months ago. After 1,000 yards I decided this is taper week for the half marathon and I had a few good workouts today, so I headed outside to the heated year round hot tub. When it is 58 degrees outside, sitting is a steamy hot tub is extra special. It even has a cascading waterfall. Very cool. After the hot tub, I took in the sauna and steam room with eucalyptus. All in preparation for my up coming spa treatment – a body wrap. Being cocooned with lavender oil and aloe is a wonderful treat. Having a scalp and foot massage while wrapped in aromatic oils is incredible. I love a good foot massage, after running as much as I have, it was divine. See why I am so drawn to spas?

After a wonderful dinner I am back again sitting outside by the fire pit recounting my day on this blog. I can honestly say I haven’t a care in the world while I am here. Stress is gone, I feel the peace that surpasses all understanding, and I am appreciating every moment. One of the most attractive things for me in a destination spa is the all inclusive environment. There is no need to leave for anything unlike staying at a hotel. It is almost an escape from the outside world, my little slice of peace and carefree solitude. I know what awaits outside these boundaries. But while I am here, I am in my own peaceful place. Rejuvenating and recharging to face all that is outside with a brighter perspective. Sometimes getting away for it all, puts it all into a clear perspective. And I believe I can take it on.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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