What’s a Little Rain?

Even a wonderful vacation can have a few clouds. All day clouds have lingered and it has rained lightly off and on. Despite what my fellow blogger Iowatribob may be hoping, I still had a fabulous day. The scenery here is so beautiful, gray skies do not seem to interfere with autumn foliage. My day started with a very easy run for 30 minutes staying in zone two. I am winding down with the half marathon this Saturday. Since today is my last full day here, I spent as much time as possible taking in the relaxing atmosphere. I considered a yoga class, but I haven’t been to one in quite a while. The last thing I need is to stretch the wrong way and cause an injury this week. Instead, after my run I headed to the outdoor hot tub watching the steam rise in the cool morning air and let the warm bubbly water surround me. Feeling loose and relaxed I grabbed my Kindle and read in a screened in porch until lunch time.

This afternoon I saved my favorite spa treatment for last. I had an hour and a half massage. It has been a good six months since I have had a massage and I was concerned my muscles would rebel. To the contrary, my completely relaxed state while I have been here has spread from my mind throughout my body. My back usually harbors all of my tension, so when the massotherapist said she could work my muscles well I was surprised. Really only my legs had the most tightness. Considering all of the running I have done, that is expected.

With rain falling right now, I am not outside by the fire pit writing. I am, however, in the hearth room sitting by the fireplace. This really is a wonderful resort, so many nooks to escape to read, relax, contemplate. In such a busy, hurried world, taking time out to rest and rejuvenate is quite fulfilling. It is a sad commentary that it took driving six and a half hours away from home to find a place to relax. Escaping the stress sometimes helps put things in to perspective – what really matters, what is not worth fretting over – I gain better focus from a distance. Tomorrow I head home, but first I am taking a little detour to check out a bike course in Syracuse. More on that tomorrow. In the mean time I will enjoy the remainder of today with a gourmet meal. Another benefit of vacation, I don’t have to cook. Yes, a fine day despite a little rain.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “What’s a Little Rain?

  1. Hey now… I didn’t actually want it to rain, just for you too tell us it was raining :-). Even so, I’m still jealous as it sounds like another great day to relax and enjoy.

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