One Of Those Days

Every once in a while I just have one of those days – a normal, no complaints, no drama good day. Fortunately today was one of those days. After a relaxing vacation, a race, and a dog drama, having a normal day is not so boring after all. My day started, as my Tuesdays will now, with a swim. I did an abbreviated speed workout due to time constraints and one small issue to be explained shortly. I have been swimming twice a week and I am hoping to swim three times so building my distance back up should be gradual.  I was fine with a short swim this morning.

This afternoon my running plan called for a 70 minute steady run with 50 minutes in zone 2 and 20 minutes a bit faster in zone 3. I am getting better at running for so long on a treadmill since I started reading and listening to instrumental music. For easy runs like this it sure helps the time pass. If I attempted an easy run from home I would spend a good amount of time walking due to the hills. Not to mention it is getting dark earlier and I would need my reflector vest and head lamp. After my ankle sprain, I am not running in the dark without being able to see the road hazards ahead of me. I like these normal, uneventful days far better, thank you very much…

So one thing that has become a part of my new normal – I have been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma. Although it appears to have come on suddenly, I think the signs were there and it has “grown” into a condition that can no longer be avoided. For several years I have found once in a while when I run hard I have a burning or fried feeling in my lungs the rest of the day. By the next day it is gone. It had not bothered me while I ran. A few weeks ago I did a speed workout with inclines on the treadmill, about 80% of the way through the workout I felt pressure on my chest. It caused a little concern, but I was able to breath clearly. The rest of the day I did have the fried feeling in my lungs. I did not have it again during any speed workouts… until Saturday during the race. Just before mile 11 I felt the pressure on my chest again. This time I did panic a bit. I stopped and walked – also a contributing factor to my slightly slower than capable time – because I told myself it is more important to finish alive than run fast and have a full blown asthma attack. For several hours after the race I was coughing and my lungs were tired.

Yesterday I spoke with my doctor and he thinks it is time for an inhaler.  Silly me thought I would only need my inhaler before a hard run workout or race. Well asthma is not partial to just running, during my speed swim this morning my cough started up. So much so it was difficult to breath while swimming. So my 2,500 meter swim was cut to 1,200. Lesson learned, before any speed workout and race, not just running, I will use the inhaler. All part of listening to my body. The good news is I am able to keep on doing the sports I so enjoy. Even in a normal day, there is a little something to make it unique. And that is what makes each day special. Today was special in that I am able to appreciate an uneventful day and now breath easy.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

6 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

  1. I’ve never heard of exercise induced asthma and definitely better to be safe than sorry… I hope it doesn’t slow things down for you and your able to easily keep it under control.

  2. That’s not even fair, though it sounds like you’ll be able to keep a pretty good handle on it and I’ve heard that quite a few pro athletes have it.

    My buddy Dennis and I used to hack like that after long runs, that was a smoking cough though… I wish all the best for you in dealing with it.

    1. Thank you Jim. I know several athletes that have it and with an inhaler their performance is not impacted. As for fair – yep, that is life. It rains and shines on us all.

  3. I used an inhaler for a while because of exercise induce asthma. It was made worse by acid reflux…but the acid reflux is under control and so seems the asthma. Although the first really cold morning I was coughing after…hmm Hope it helps you!

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