To the Core

This week is my first full week with my new training plan. Monday mornings now begin with a 6:00 AM spin class. The class was set to mimic stage one of the 2012 Tour de France – the Prologue. This stage is 6.4 kilometers (just shy of 4 miles) done in time trial style with each cyclist riding individually and competing against the clock. Well the winner of the stage was Fabian Cancellara and he did it in 7 minutes 13 seconds. So our class did the same thing – five times. First we had a warm up, there was a few minutes to recover between sets, and a cool down. The class is an hour and I really felt the workout. Lifetime Fitness has two huge big screens in the spin room so we watched the Tour de France while we cycled. Without getting too detailed, I could tell from my bike computer that I was working hard based on rotations per minute, speed, and watts. And I even felt like I kept up with Fabian…

Next on my new schedule was Pilates in the afternoon. Strengthening my core is a big focus right now to improve my running as well as swimming, cycling, and much more. I may be thin with flat abs, but they are not as strong as they should be. I began at the beginning with a Pilates Beginning Mat Workout DVD. My trainer recommended this series as she is very familiar with the instructor, Ana Caban, and has worked with her. It lasts 25 minutes and it is intense for me, so I am glad I started with the beginning level. I am also happy I can do it at home – let’s just say I am lacking in gracefulness doing these exercises and my dogs and cats are all the audience I need right now.

So much focus on swimming, cycling and running is placed on legs, arms, lungs, heart, and even the mind. The area that is not frequently mentioned is the core. Just think of the name – core. It is the central and foundational part of our body. Emotionally and spiritually it is often said that we believe things in our core. So if something is the center of our body and the center of our being, it should be cared for. Physically this is done by strengthening our core muscles. Emotionally and spiritually it is in defining and strengthening our core values. So I will keep in mind when training my body and my soul to take care of my core – so I can swim, cycle, run and think stronger.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “To the Core

  1. Good idea doing pilates at home, and only 1/2 hour. My gym believes these should be done for an hour with huge open glass for all to see. Luckly, each week the number of guys in the class has gone up. I cannot say enough about the benefits I have seen from 3 weeks of pilates and a month or more of spin so far. Pilates I found even helped make it easier to take position on my bike. Way to go!!!

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