Fleeting and Precious

For the past few weeks my Wednesday morning workout has been a speed run workout, which is a change from my old routine of swimming on Wednesdays. This morning I had a more intensified modification of the workout I have done twice, in fact the workout that showed my first serious signs of exercise induced asthma. In the past I did one minute speed excels followed by a minute jog recovery repeating 12 times. Today it was six repeats of two minutes each. And the final two were at a 4% incline. I loved it. Hard speed workouts leave me with such a feeling of accomplishment. Especially when my inhaler works, like today, and my lungs don’t give out on me. My heart rate peaked at 166, well into my zone 4 and two beats from my all out zone five. Next week I am taking another assessment test to see where my aerobic and anaerobic zones are. After this morning’s run, I am anxious to see.

This afternoon began my new resistance workout. In place of my long standing workout of a  series of weight lifting exercises for most of the major muscle groups, my trainer has me doing very different exercises. Most are just using my body as resistance and also centered around core strengthening and stability. There are a few lunges for legs and I finish with chin ups. Yep, chin ups. I am using the assisted chin up machine that helps reduce the weight of my body, so right now I am doing three sets of ten chin ups with about half of my body weight as resistance. Boy I can not wait for the day when it is unassisted and I am doing it with my entire body weight. That day will come.

Anxious to see the results of my assessment next week and looking forward to the day when I am strong enough to do chin ups are good short and long term goals and aspirations to have. And in keeping with the overriding theme of this blog, I can not forget about living for today. Seizing the moments I have while they are here. I made the most of my workouts today and truly enjoyed the challenges. I also keep this in mind through out my day in all of my other activities and at work. My goal is to not take any moment for granted, for time is fleeting. Or as a friend and fellow blogger shared today Life is Precious. I have referred to Jim and his blog Fit Recovery several times. Please take the time to click the link to his entry today. It is worth the time to read it. Life is precious, time is short. Avoid taking the Scarlet O’Hara way to put off the things that matter until tomorrow, it may never come. As Jim says – Live Like You Mean It.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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