Trial, Error, and Preparation

For the next seven weeks until the marathon my Saturday run workout is an easy run ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. Since it is easy and short for a weekend workout, I have also scheduled a swim after my run. This morning I had 60 minutes to run and I decided to use the treadmill at the gym. I debated about running outside, but with the swim right after I thought I should make the easy run just that – easy. I opened my iPad to my book, set the treadmill at a moderate pace and read for an hour while I ran. My pace and my heart rate ended up exactly the same as my run yesterday afternoon. I may just run outside next week – I want to take advantage of as many daylight runs outside as possible. Soon that will be limited to the weekends only.

I ate a small energy bar, changed into my swim suit, and hopped in the pool. It has been a long time since I have swam right after another workout. Surprisingly I felt very good. So much so that I could have done a 3,000 meter workout if I wasn’t pressed for time. I swam an endurance workout of 2,500 meters with a main set of 150 and 100 meter repeats. Leg cramps were my biggest concern this morning. During my run I made sure to drink a sports drink high in electrolytes and I kept it on the pool deck too. It must have worked because my legs felt fine. My focus today while I swam was on my flip turns. Finding the right spot close enough to the wall continues to be my weakness. More of my turns this morning were right where I needed to be compared to previous swims, but I also had plenty that were far short and my toes barely tipped off the wall…

When I left the gym I headed over to my running store, Fleet Feet, to pick up my winter trail shoes. Brooks Adrenaline GTX are the shoes I went with. GTX is for Gortex – I will have warm, dry feet this winter when I run! The benefit of these shoes is I am able to run on trails as well as the roads. The ice and snow may keep me from my bike in the winter, but it won’t stop me on the run. My friend Jim at Fit Recovery asked me if I run outside in the winter. As long as it is double digits in temperature and I don’t have a technical run, I would much rather run outside. I love it and now I am prepared.

Trial, error, and preparation are good words to describe today’s training. Run inside or out for easy runs? Drinking sports drink to prevent cramps. Where to flip, when to flip? When running outside in the cold and damp weather dress accordingly. Trying what works, experimenting with different things, and practice. This also transcends (ah, my goal word) into many aspects of life. After all, I am a work in progress. As long as I am growing and progressing, there will be trials and errors. I can only hope I am well prepared for all that is to come.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “Trial, Error, and Preparation

  1. I’ve spent the last week indoors on the treadmill and think I’ve come to the conclusion that outdoors is the way to go. Appreciate the GTX reference as I’m going to have to get out this weekend and get some cold weather gear.

    1. My favorite running store is Fleet Feet. National chain but locally owned so you get the best of both good inventory and local experience. If there is one near by, check it out. Another favorite of mine for the below freezing runs – Hot Hands hand warmers. I stick them in gloves or even mittens for toasty fingers. Thanks for commenting!

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