Working on the Kinks

After completing a full week of my new training schedule I am beginning to settle in to it. This morning I was up and at the gym in time for the 6:00 AM spin class. My legs felt fine after running 16 miles yesterday. I only noticed once when I got out of the saddle that my right foot had a sharp ache in the arch. This is the same foot I deal with plantar fasciitis. I keep a footsie roller under my desk at work and one at home – keeping it stretched is the key. As the day progressed it felt much better.

This afternoon I made it through the Pilates DVD workout. Surprisingly I am really enjoying it. The challenge is what is the most exciting. I want to get the moves down well so that I can progress to the intermediate level. As I do the exercises I am noticing areas of weakness – not just in my core but in my back as well. Hopefully this will help with my muscle knots in my lower back. I have a C curve in my lower spine – scoliosis. It is not significant, but it does affect my balance at times and causes lower back pain occasionally. I also noticed when I first started flip turning I would roll more to my left, the way my back curves. A stronger core should override my back issues.

Despite my foot and my back, I had a great day today. Last night I got just over seven hours of sleep – a big help too. The weather was drab and raining, but it didn’t get me down. Stretching my body, strengthening my core – flexibility and strength – things I need both physically and in my mind set. There will always be reasons to convince myself why it is okay to say “I just don’t wanna…”. That said, I have never found myself laying around watching television thinking that was so much better than a workout. It is the little kinks, the aches and pains, that I experience as I adapt to new workouts that help take me to the next level. Because after all, I am on a positive slope in this life that I am learning so much everyday.

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  1. I’ll be very curious on how you like the pilates workouts. I tried Yoga a while back but could never really get into it and gave up before noticing any real benefits. I also love the idea of a roller at work. Looks like I have a new item on my shopping list of tri gear.

    1. I enjoy yoga too, scheduling it is always an issue. The Pilates DVD is only 25 minutes, go for beginners. I use a footsie roller on my feet – great little invention!

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