Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels

This morning I went back to my gym to have my cardio point test redone. Last week my trainer wanted to try it with me running faster on a flat surface, which is much more like typical running. The results were difficult to compare to my previous tests, so this morning we were back to a steady pace and increasing incline. The results – my efficiency is continuing to improve.

Looking at my aerobic zones – zone one jumped from a heart rate beats per minute range of 98 – 107 up to 113 – 122. My last test was the end of August, so in two months my easy zone significantly improved. Zone two also improve quite a bit – from 108 – 133 up to 123 – 140. This really helps me on my long and/or easy runs. The goal is to stay in zone two, previously I tried to keep my heart rate around 130 and I have seen my pace get faster while in this zone. Now I can target 135 to 138, run faster, and still be in zone two. Zone three went from 134 – 158 to 141 – 158. What this tells me is my anaerobic threshold remains at 159. I was not surprised, when I do speed work it is not often my heart rate goes much over 158 for any length of time. Now I know I need to kick it up a bit when running speed workouts. Also, in all of my aerobic zones I am burning more fat.

My anaerobic zones four and five did not change, however my peak VO2 (oxygen utilization) increased from 47 to 49 over the two months. For a chart on ranges check this link. Simply put, metabolic training works. I am more efficient, I am running faster at lower heart rates, and I am burning fat – the preferred fuel to burn.

In addition to my assessment test, I finished my run workout which was a few sets of fast running with a brief recovery. In all I ran 4 miles today. These 4 miles took me to a new level in my training too. As of today, October 31st, I have now swam, cycled, and run more meters and miles than all of 2011. And I still have two months to go. I surpassed my swimming distance back in the summer, however in October I surpassed both my cycling and running distances. It continues to amaze me what I am able to accomplish – especially since my athleticism began in my early thirties – when most people are peaking. I mentioned to someone yesterday that the more I experience in life I am learning to never say never. You never know just what might happen…

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

7 thoughts on “Metabolic Training and Reaching New Levels

  1. Great progress on all fronts and in a short 2 months. Very impressive. A question – do you measure your zones on the bike as well and are these from HR or power output? Are there any specific HR goals your working towards in your offseason?

    1. Thank you Bob. I did a cardio point test once on a bike over two years ago. By nature, zones are usually lower on the bike than running. I tend to average down about 20 bpm when on the bike. I wear a heart rate monitor when I cycle too. My new strap reads both heart rate and watts (power). Right now I am focusing on heart rate on the bike until I can see a pattern on the watts reading. Off season – a foreign word to me! Seriously – when tri season ends I am still in full running mode. Right now my heart rate goals are to continue to improve my aerobic base and efficiency as well as push out my AT a bit more. I’d love to get it in the 160’s. Hope that helps!

    1. I set it up in widgets. Select the “Text” option to enter the information. Check the box for new paragraph on return. If you don’t then is appears as a long line rather than a column. Good luck!

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