Back to the Core

My training must be paying off. When I woke up this morning my body was not as sore as I expected after running 16 miles yesterday. Of course I had some stiffness and my quads and hamstrings felt it, especially walking up stairs. But it was not any where as bad as what I have... Continue Reading →

Mindful Run

Six weeks from today is the California International Marathon. That phrase also became one of my mantras today while I ran my 16 mile long run. My run this morning was one of my best longs runs ever. The day was was perfect for running - sunshine, low 50's and little to no wind. Again... Continue Reading →

Different Strokes

After a hard, yet rewarding, run yesterday, my run workout this morning was barely a warm up. A thirty minute run staying in zone two. I went to the gym so I could swim after. Even a short, easy run is still a fun run. It was nice to not push hard yet get my... Continue Reading →

An Endorphin Filled Day

Today was bookended by two really good workouts. This morning I went to spin class for an endurance workout that pushed close to my anaerobic threshold, but not quite. The workout is probably as close to road riding as it gets, I finished feeling that I really did put the miles in. My focus is... Continue Reading →


This has been a good week for swimming. On Tuesday I made it through the entire speed workout I have been building on and today I made it through the entire 3,000 meter endurance swim workout I have been working on completing over the past three weeks. After a 900 meter warm up I went... Continue Reading →


Wednesday mornings have become my speed run workouts while I am training for the marathon. That has to be the biggest change for me after years of doing speed runs on Tuesdays. The workout today called for a mile warm up followed by 12 by one minute fast runs with a one minute recovery jog... Continue Reading →

Working on the Kinks

After completing a full week of my new training schedule I am beginning to settle in to it. This morning I was up and at the gym in time for the 6:00 AM spin class. My legs felt fine after running 16 miles yesterday. I only noticed once when I got out of the saddle... Continue Reading →

Surprises For My Long Run

Honesty and truthfulness are two core values I live by. With that said, I can not lie and must say when it came to today's run, I was dreading it. The weather forecast called for 60% chance of rain and temperatures in the mid 60's to lower 70's - wet, humid, ugly day. What was... Continue Reading →

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