Fleeting and Precious

For the past few weeks my Wednesday morning workout has been a speed run workout, which is a change from my old routine of swimming on Wednesdays. This morning I had a more intensified modification of the workout I have done twice, in fact the workout that showed my first serious signs of exercise inducedContinue reading “Fleeting and Precious”

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate

Since Tuesdays have been speed workout days for me for so many years, I made an adaptation – it is now my swim speed workout day. This morning I took on the speed workout that I attempting last week only to be cut short due to asthma coughing. The main set is made up ofContinue reading “Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate”

To the Core

This week is my first full week with my new training plan. Monday mornings now begin with a 6:00 AM spin class. The class was set to mimic stage one of the 2012 Tour de France – the Prologue. This stage is 6.4 kilometers (just shy of 4 miles) done in time trial style withContinue reading “To the Core”

Every Second Counts

As I have shared many times over on this blog, I believe living each day to the fullest is my chosen path to finding joy in this life I am blessed to be living. Seize the day. I also do not want to waste a moment and I am learning more and more just howContinue reading “Every Second Counts”


Autumn is by far my favorite season for running and today was a perfect autumn day. My running schedule today calls for 12 miles easy in zone two. I am running a 10K race on the towpath tomorrow morning so this run had to be easy. Where else to run on such a great dayContinue reading “Tapestry”

Spinning and The Curve

Despite staying up until 11:00 last night I was able to get up at 4:15 this morning. Today is my first day trying out spin class – again. In the spring I gave spin class … a spin. That class did not go so well but today was much better. The instructor is a competitiveContinue reading “Spinning and The Curve”

Motivation and Habits

“Motivation is what get’s you started. Habit is what keeps you going.” – Jim Rohn This quote struck a cord in me. All too often I find myself looking for motivation when I am struggling to do something. It helps – it gets me started. Keeping at it is formed from habit and that takesContinue reading “Motivation and Habits”

Finding Balance

With this being the height of the election season and as I type the talk is about balance – I can’t help but think of balance in life. Work, family, friends, social, exercise, and the delicate mind/body/soul balance. Like the differing political views, so too are differing ideas of balance in life. Unlike politics, itContinue reading “Finding Balance”

One Of Those Days

Every once in a while I just have one of those days – a normal, no complaints, no drama good day. Fortunately today was one of┬áthose┬ádays. After a relaxing vacation, a race, and a dog drama, having a normal day is not so boring after all. My day started, as my Tuesdays will now, withContinue reading “One Of Those Days”