A Day to Share

I am really enjoying my active rest Thursdays. This morning I swam and then I was done with my workout for the day. No second workout this evening and I am just fine with it. My run yesterday was hard – I felt it in my quads today. So giving my body some time to rest is a good thing. It also has helped put me in a perky mood. As I result, I want to share the love. Read on for more information and links to worthy sites to visit.

My swim this morning was an endurance workout with a little bit of speed. I swam a total of 3,000 meters, which brought me to over 400,000 meters of swimming so far this year. A nice hurdle to cross. First I did a 1,000 meter warm up – 500 swim, 300 pull and 200 kick. The main set I modified from a workout I found at The Holistic Triathlete. It is an active recovery workout so it fit perfectly. The main set on Coach Eamon’s blog is 2,800 meters, so I did modify it to 1,800 meters and cut out the last part of 500 meters then 5 x 100 meters. He has good swim workout among other good tips and worth checking out his blog. After a 200 pull cool down I felt very good. It is the kind of swim that gave my lungs a good workout but didn’t add stress to my sore legs.

I also tried out something new this morning in my workout. Usually I have a sports bottle full of a sports drink when I workout – on the deck of the pool, on the bike, and on the run. This morning I tried a Nuun tablet instead. It is an electrolyte tablet that dissolves in water similar to Alkaseltzer (but tastes way better). One tablet only has 6 calories, no carbs, 360 mg of sodium and 100 mg of potassium. Oh and no sugars or artificial sweeteners. My trainer and I have been discussing my nutrition for my run to prevent any stomach issues from cropping up. I felt good today with it on the swim and I plan on running with it this weekend. The benefit of the packaging is it is easy to carry a tablet along and just plop it in water. Last weekend I had a little malfunction with a baggy of powdered sports drink and had yellow dust all over my clothing… I also will carry the Honey Stinger waffles for refueling on the run. All Seasons Cyclist did a review on the waffles here.  Stay tuned for the results when I run my long run Sunday.

Since I am in the mood for sharing today – information as well as links to worthy sites – I have one more to share that everyone can benefit from and receive something for free. Not too bad, huh? A friend of mine posted this on Facebook today and I have to share. Karbon Speed is offering free toe covers. Click the link to their site and enter your email on their site. They will email you with the details to receive the toe covers and they are not in to spam email, so don’t be worried. With the weather getting cold, toe covers on the bike are helpful. Even in early spring they come in handy. So check them out.

I have said before not every day is a good day, but every day has something good in it. Well today was a good day for me. I hope it was for you. If not, I hope something good came to you today from reading this. If anything even a smile – if you have read a few of my posts this week, you know that a few of my days have been a little challenging lately. But there is always something good, look for it, and seize it.


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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

4 thoughts on “A Day to Share

  1. Thanks for the link & shout out, appreciate it. I view rest and recovery as very important and the 4th element to triathlon!
    Thanks for the referral to the covers. Winter cycling: brrrrr!

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