I have gone from counting down weeks until my marathon to counting down days. Eighteen. Once again perspective is everything. If I had to wait eighteen days for an order from Amazon I would think that is a very long time. Knowing I will be running 26.2 miles in eighteen days seems like it is too soon. Way too soon. My immediate positive self talk is to remind myself I have the training in. I have run several long runs longer than when I trained for my last marathon and that one I set a personal best record. I still have one more twenty mile run this weekend to condition my body. Knowing this helps. A little. I am also encouraged because I received a text today from a friend in San Francisco who will definitely be there to cheer me on. To all reading this who have cheered friends on at races – from 5K to marathon – it means SO much.

My workout this morning was a speed run. After a two mile warm up I ran 12 one minute repeats fast with a one minute jog in between followed by a one mile cool down. I chose 6.8 again on the treadmill, which is close to a 8:50 minute mile pace. I was able to sustain the pace for all of the repeats and I even kicked it up to 7.2 for the twelfth one. I have two more speed workouts before the race – in eighteen days. The goal of those will be similar to what I did last week, a few repeats of long intervals. Again, I will probably target 6.8. This is my stepping stone to my next goal 5K time. Notice I said stepping stone. I do not have a “goal” pace I want to achieve. That is limiting, I would rather see how fast I get over time. But I know the next step is to break 9:00 pace. (Ah, nine, half of 18)

This evening I did my new resistance workout. I have many more step ups, side steps down, lunges, side crunches, and balancing acts than ever. Gone are my chin ups (sad) but in place are several repeats of one arm lat pull downs while sitting on a stability ball. My core darn well better have a six pack by the time I am finished with these core exercises. There it is again – six, a third of eighteen. (Hint – I am a numbers person through and through)

As I count down the days, I also want to remember to enjoy each day as it comes. Living for “one day”, whether it is one day soon or one day maybe, is dangerous. Life passes by and goes unnoticed. So I will also look at today and make it count. It sure was a jam packed day when I look at all I did in between workouts. For today, my eighteen will be made up of the number of only a fraction of people and blessings I am grateful to have in my life. That is an eighteen that neither too long or too short. It is just right.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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