This morning I decided to skip swimming and just do my 70 minute easy run. My resting heart rate was still a little elevated, so I didn’t want to over do it. Today is beautiful with plenty of sunshine. When I started out on my run it was still in the 30’s but the cooler air didn’t bother me. I was texting this morning with a friend who is originally from the south, she asked if I ran in this cold weather. Being a native Ohioan, this isn’t so cold to me! With the proper clothing and layers I will run outside even in the teens. How far is another issue. Under twenty degrees any run over eight to ten miles is a little uncomfortable…

So I ran my 70 minutes in the cooler weather through the hills of my neighborhood. I took a look at the course map for my marathon and just before mile 11 it enters an area referred to as San Juan Hills. There is one decent climb about a quarter mile long and picks up 70 feet in elevation. My regular route at home covers a very similar type hill, so I made sure to focus on it today. Even though I was running easy and staying in zone two, I was able to take the hill at a 12:00 pace. After my great run yesterday I still felt good today and ran at a good pace while keeping my heart rate down. My greatest hope is the positive energy I am feeling right now is there in two weeks when I run my marathon!

Preparation – so much requires it. What to wear – for a training run – to condition my body for my race. I have been experimenting with different types of fuel for the run. I think chocolate Gu is the winner. What to drink – lemon lime Nuun is working. To supplement with electrolyte caps or not? I think so. And last week I added compression knee socks, whether they make a difference or not, my legs love the feeling! As children when we wanted to run, we just ran. Now I “just run” when I am chasing after my Maltese dog and a hawk is circling. While I am doing so much to prepare for the event, I also want to take in the pure joy of running. My runs yesterday and this morning were easy to do – everything just clicked. And in this thought I have created one more mantra to add to Believe. Enjoy.

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