New Normal

What a difference a rest day makes. I woke up this morning to head to the pool and felt well rested. My swim went very well. After a warm up of 1,000 meters I did a little speed work to get my heart rate up but not push it. In all I only swam 1,600 meters. The 600 meters of speed work was made up of 4 x 25, 4 x 50 and 4 x 75. I could have added 4 x 100 to make it an even 2,000, but I am tapering. No need to over do it right now. I know come January I will be swimming much more again. What is important is the quality of the workout and that was there. All intervals were done on a send off based on 33 seconds per 25 meters. I came in on the 25’s averaging 26 seconds, 50’s were 56 seconds, and 75’s were 1:28. I know this is a little detailed for some reading, but the point is I am able to swim faster and keep the pace up throughout the workout. Swimming has been my weakest link and seeing improvement gives me so much motivation.

This evening I went from speed to endurance. My run workout was 50 to 70 minutes staying in zone two. I decided to split the difference and run for 60 minutes. I set the treadmill at 12:00 minute mile pace to start. In the past I either move up or more likely down to keep my heart rate in zone two. I was doing just fine at that pace, in fact several times I increased it to 11:45 and 11:30, brining it back to 12:00 when I would get over a heart rate of 140. What really pleased me was when a friend stopped by to chat. He stood in front of my treadmill and we talked for at least 10 minutes based on the distance I covered. The entire time my heart rate stayed around 134 and I carried on a conversation without getting breathless. Again – this may sound small, but for me it is significant. Running is my second weakest link and here again I am seeing good improvement.

The phrase “seeing is believing” is well known. This year as I tackled so many challenges in triathlon I have learned for me sometimes believing leads to seeing. I first had to believe I could do something – I could swim faster, run faster, have longer endurance – and then I did. At first glance, today seemed like a good, normal workout day. As I look deeper I realize that I have a new normal. What seemed so far from reach less than a year ago has become the typical standard. Sometimes believing is seeing, and then a new normal is born.

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