Shaken, Not Stirred at Dawn…With a Twist

This morning was my last swim before the race this weekend. And I only swam 1,000 meters. My pace was good, I have a feeling I have kicked it up a notch. The last few swims I have seen my times have consistently improved over what was my former “average” pace. When I get back from the marathon and focus a bit more on swimming I will see if my hunch is correct.

So what to write about on a day when I only swim 1,000 meters? What I have been doing the past few days with all of my extra time, of course. I have seen a two movies in two nights and they are very different, yet have a similar thread. A twist. No worries – there are no spoilers for those who haven’t seen the movies yet. First I saw the latest James Bond film Skyfall. Great with action and adventure, and yes a twist in the end. One I quite enjoyed. Then tonight I saw the final movie of The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2. Now I have read the books too and the movies have stayed very close to the books. But this movie has a twist too – and I was very surprised at how far it went from the book. I can not say I enjoyed watching the twist, but I appreciated it and liked the movie as far as sticking to the book goes in the end. Something else to know about me – I have a fear of falling (not heights) and excessive violence makes me cover my eyes. BOTH movies brought this out in me too. At one point I came very close to hiding my head in my friend’s shoulder. Which move? I will leave that open for guessing.

And now how this relates to life. Reality is the best author of twists I believe. Good and bad. A few things I have learned as a result of life’s twists – 1) the story is not over until life is over and 2) never say never. Which really are closely related – or shall I say twisted together. Sometimes in sport an injury can take the hope of being a strong runner or triathlete out of view. Then the story continues and in time new heights are reached. I truly believed I would never be able to do a flip turn in the pool. Today I not only flipped the entire workout, I only came up short from the wall once. (That story is not over yet either). Relationships I thought could never happen turn into wonderful friendships. Some who appeared to be friends turn out to have different motives. Again, never say never and those stories are not over either. Some of life’s twists shake us up, stir us around, and possibly break us down. But what I know for sure, the sky is not falling and each day brings a new dawn.

Published by elisariva

I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Shaken, Not Stirred at Dawn…With a Twist

  1. What a great and inspirational message. I also really enjoyed hearing about the flip turns. This is a current focus for me during each swim and more times than not I end up missing the wall entirely and flap away trying to get some momentum started again.

    1. Thank you Bob! Flip turns – if you read my posts from December through early March my common theme is learning to flip! It was not easy to learn but now it comes naturally. When to flip I am still working on…

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