Little Things Making a Big Difference

This morning I started off with a 4 mile easy run – outside. Oh, it was wonderful. We are having a bit of an Indian Summer – or at least one last hurrah of mild weather before the snow falls. Fortunately I do not have any problems with my asthma running outside. While the temperatureContinue reading “Little Things Making a Big Difference”

Staying Motivated

I find it hard to believe that it was just yesterday that I had an active recovery day. After spin class this morning and running this evening, I am ready for another day off – or at least a very early bed time. All signs of a good day of two hard workouts. First thisContinue reading “Staying Motivated”

Hard Workout Day

This morning I had the first of a few weekly speed workouts leading up to the marathon. It was a challenging one too. After a warmup of a mile I went into a long speed run – 13 minutes at 8:15/mile pace. My goal was to get to 18 minutes – and it is stillContinue reading “Hard Workout Day”


I woke up this morning feeling much better in spirit and headed to the pool. During my swim, I saw something I have not seen in ten days – sunshine! Thanks to the time change, the sun rises while I am swimming and the reflection bounces off of the building across from my gym shiningContinue reading “Sunshine”

Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends

This morning before my long run I went to the gym to have what is called a Calorie Point test done. The test measures my resting metabolic rate which calculates how many calories I burn doing nothing all day as well as how much I burn in fat and how much I burn in carbs.Continue reading “Twenty One and a Quarter Miles With Friends”

Again, It Is About the Core

For the first time in two weeks I ran outside this morning and it felt wonderful. Yes, there was a light rain, but it did not deter me. I had a very easy run for 35 minutes staying in zone two. I was surprised I was able to keep my average heart rate at 134Continue reading “Again, It Is About the Core”

Break Away

As my Fridays have been going, once again today had two endurance workouts. This morning spin class was made up of an endurance ride that mimicked a few hill climbs as well. Working at a hard effort yet staying in the upper range of zone 3 without going anaerobic is challenging. Toward the end weContinue reading “Break Away”