For Auld Lang Syne

To round out the year today, I went to spin class and then swam after. Both workouts were good, although swimming was more challenging than I had expected. I swam a total of 3,200 meters. A group of four of us swam most of the workout together. It was a repeat of 100 meters with... Continue Reading →

My Year In Review – Bruises

One of my favorite musical bands is Train. Additionally I have a soft spot for Country music. This year Train released a new album with a song titled Bruises. It has the best of both worlds - the great voice of Patrick Monahan accompanied by a guest Country singer, Ashley Monroe. This song is on... Continue Reading →

My Year in Review – Team Work

Running and triathlon for the most part are not considered team sports with the occasional exception of relay teams. Over the years I have approached training as an individual activity, primarily because I was slower in running and swimming than most of my friends. This year my experience has been much different. Through my writings... Continue Reading →


Today is a milestone for me. With this post I have completed 366 posts over 366 days completing a full year, including leap day. On December 29, 2011 I decided to start a blog as a New Year resolution and blog daily. Over the year I have shared my training experiences, the good times, the... Continue Reading →

Influence of Friends

After reading the weather forecast last night for today, my friends and I decided to meet at 6:15 to swim and get our workout in before the storm was scheduled to hit. Yes, I did not have to work today, but I did not want to spend a day off stuck in snow and traffic.... Continue Reading →

Joy To Last All Year

After a big race I tend to have a bit of the blues that the big event has passed. The same goes for Christmas, if not more so. My celebrations from Christmas Eve through today were truly blessed. Spending time with family and dear friends was wonderful. Good conversations, good food and wine, and thoughtful... Continue Reading →

Swimming and Cats and Dogs

As I have shared in writing and pictures, I have five animals. My female cat Molly is 18 years old and still looks and behaves like a kitten. She always slept with me, even after I adopted my first dog Phoebe 10 years ago. Then I adopted my second dog Barnabas eight and a half... Continue Reading →

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