This morning we left Napa Valley by 7:15 in the morning to head back to San Francisco. My flight out of SFO was scheduled to leave at 10:30. All maps, GPS guides, and the hotel agreed – the drive is 1:45 and I should make it in plenty of time. Well, the drive took 3:30 as a result of rain. Seriously, I have had enough of California rain. Traffic was absolutely horrendous. Fortunately I called the airline and was able to change flights. I made it in time and now I am writing as I fly to Houston before connecting home. I had a wonderful trip. Yes, the marathon could have gone a bit better, but I have no control over the weather. San Francisco and Napa were fabulous. I had a longer than expected drive to the airport, I made it and I am on my way home. Half empty or half full? I say half full.

Usually I review goals and set new ones right around the first of the month. One of my November goals was to enjoy my vacation. I most certainly did and now I am catching up. Last month my greatest focus was training and tapering for the marathon. I am very pleased with how my training went. I was well prepared. Going into the race, I had serious doubts about finishing it with the weather conditions. Part of my training really helped me prepare for this race emotionally. I had done several hard and long speed sets that kept me pushing when I was not sure I could go on. As a result, I made it through the race using the same self talk, along with the encouragement of friends – including several bloggers.

Now looking forward to December. This is a recovery month for me. I plan on swimming, spinning, running, and strength training, but on a moderate level. I have quite a bit of assessing to do too. This month I will be working with my new triathlon coach to determine my levels in the three sports, expectations, and goals. Goals – this is going to take some soul searching for me. My main goals for December are to enjoy the workouts as I give my body a break from intense training, work with my coaches to determine a plan for the next several months, and most importantly appreciate the holiday season. With so much commercialism, fears of cliffs and crashes, and disagreements on how to agree – I want to focus on what was written thousands of years ago for this time of year. Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All.

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