From reading my writings, it is fairly evident that I prefer to look at life in as positive of a light as I am able. This does not mean I haven’t experienced my fair share of disappointments. Far from it. I choose to look at the lessons learned and how each experience can benefit me and those I come in contact with. One thing though, since the late 1980’s Christmas time is usually a much more sad time to me than joyous. Yes, I do rejoice in the true meaning of Christmas. However, as a result of a few hard knocks over the years, I tend to be melancholy. This has never stopped me from decorating, sending out picture cards with my pets on them (hey, I get plenty of smiling families and children, so I send out adorable dogs and cats), and enjoying the family gatherings. I am happy to say that this year is much different. First, my tree still only has lights on it. That is it. No ornaments, tree skirt, or trim. By now my entire house should be decorated to the hilt. That will happen by this weekend. Second, and most importantly, I am truly feeling joy.

Nothing significantly transforming has occurred to remove any of my fears or doubt. It may even be this blog – I am learning more and more how to look at life in the “half full” lens. I truly have wonderful friends, and an abundance of them. That is a hefty blessing for me to count. All the more reason to feel joy rather than sadness. I wanted to share this today, because frankly today was a repeat of yesterday. I had an awesome swim this morning – 3,000 meters and I swam with three other friends. We all did the same workout. Two swimmers are fast and another buddy and I are, well let’s say, moderate. This evening I put on my lighted vest and head lamp and ran three miles through a different street to take in more lights. As I type right now, I am grinning. It was a great run.

On to paragraph three and what is my motivational take away? Attitude. It truly is everything. Yes, I could write a list of things that have happened this year that should give me complete justification to stay in bed the rest of the year. That won’t do me a bit of good. For as many bad things I have experienced, I am able to easily name many more good. And there in is where I choose to focus. The first few weeks following the super storm that hit the East Coast, I heard several people comment about troubles in their lives and then quickly follow it with saying “but in light of what so many people are experiencing on the East Coast, this is nothing.” A running friend of mine has told me when I lament about how slow I am, that there is always someone faster and someone slower. It is how we choose to look at life. I was blessed to wake up this morning. I was doubly blessed to have a repeat great day. That I will most definitely seize.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

8 thoughts on “Attitude

  1. I really truly believe that most of what we get out of life is what we put into it – and how we choose to approach life and life’s problems defines who we are. I love the message here, it really resonates with me. 🙂

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