Motivation in Practice

Today I had two workouts that really needed motivation to complete. First in the pool – I swam with two of my friends. Actually they were swimming for a while when I got in. After a warm up we did part of my workout together. They are both faster than I, but it was stillContinue reading “Motivation in Practice”

Quality Over Quantity

Irony is one of my favorite forms of humor. Irony in life really makes me chuckle. Just yesterday I wrote about “focusing on what is right in front of me.” Today I went to the eye doctor for my check up and, as always, I had my eyes dilated. Now I can not focus onContinue reading “Quality Over Quantity”

Break Down to Break Through

I am getting into a routine on Sundays that I am liking quite a bit. My morning starts with my cycle workout my coach has given me. Today was for an hour but it was geared to mimic hill climbing. Something I need to spend time doing – the Syracuse 70.3 climbs 1,000 feet overContinue reading “Break Down to Break Through”


Learning my limitations can be humbling. Today it was just frustrating. With the cold spell we have been experiencing, my exercise induced asthma has been a bit more provoked. Running outside when the temperatures are below 25 causes issues. My frustration sets in because I enjoy running on a cold morning when the wind isContinue reading “Adapting”


The extreme cold – and snow – continues to linger but it has not stopped me. Quite the contrary, I have been so busy this week I missed writing twice. I am happy to report I have been busy with the good stuff – training and enjoying a little leisure time. (I had almost forgottenContinue reading “Unbreakable”

Frozen Isn’t So Bad

Over the past 36 hours I have swam 5,500 meters, ran 6.7 miles, and cycled 17.7 miles all under the roof of my gym. We are experiencing an extreme cold wave here in the Midwest with highs around 15. Running and cycling for me are best done inside. How some people are able to rideContinue reading “Frozen Isn’t So Bad”


The weather has been very erratic lately – either typical January snow and cold or balmy 50’s and 60’s. This weekend I experienced both within less than 48 hours. Saturday was mild with temperatures in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s so I decided to get my long run in, rather than today which hasContinue reading “Anyway”