The Resolution

I do not completely understand why a new week, month, or year brings a change of perspective and outlook. In reality it is just a new day, but somehow there is a sense of new beginning – especially with the arrival of the new year. Just today I had a few opportunities to say “well the year is off to a good start.” I also struggled a bit today with remembering it is Wednesday. New beginnings in the middle of a week can wreak havoc on the mind. As the new year begins, I contemplated what to resolve to do. Get in shape? Okay, I hear a collective laugh from the audience. A few friends would suggest I eat more and workout less… Last year it was to start and maintain this blog. I hope to keep the daily posts going, with maybe a day off or two a week. (You doing okay Jill?)

With the change of the year my resolution is to change my perspective on a few things. I have written often about looking for the good in the day. I am going to make looking for the good my daily focus and also stifle the negative thought process. Truth be told, I am hard on myself if I miss a workout, put off blogging until late in the day, or delay important chores because I am either working out or blogging when I should be taking care of bills or cleaning. See the negative downward spiral that can take over? So in looking for the good, I am also going to remind myself to reverse my thought process when I start drifting to the negative.

As I work on my resolution, I also must admit I did get all of my workouts in today… The morning began with a swim. Wednesdays bring the largest group in our swim workout. This morning we had five. I definitely push myself harder with a group. I swam 3,200 meters and really enjoyed it. My times continue to improve, if even just a second or so. This afternoon I rode on the stationary bike at the gym following a workout my coach gave me. A friend met me there, so I had company while I “rode.” The workout was for an hour and 25 minutes and I covered 24.2 miles. It is a much different feel than my actual bike or a spin bike. I may try the next bike workout on a spin bike. There is still about 8 inches if snow on the ground and the temperatures are between 15 and 21 – not ideal for structured bike workouts. I have a trainer and I may just set my bike up too. I like the atmosphere of the gym, but in keeping with not being so hard on myself – getting home before 7 and riding in the basement would be nice.

One note on an experience I had today that could have been a headache. I took my iPhone to the Apple store because of a few issues I am having. Without too much of a wait in a very crowded store, I left with a new replacement at no charge. Some may love Apple and some may prefer PC or Android, but my experience will always lead me back to Apple. The good in today? Many things – great service at Apple, two challenging workouts accompanied by friends, and five wet noses waiting for me at home. And I didn’t even have to mention cliffs or compromises. What a wonderful day to seize.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

9 thoughts on “The Resolution

  1. Second to the last sentence of the last post I will read tonight before I see “cliff or compromise”… Now the heart rate’s back up. Crime in Italy, Elisa.

    You’re right, it is just another day – sometimes it helps to have that extra push. Even I get into the spirit… The thrill of making it through and the chance to do it better this time around. πŸ˜‰

  2. Hey, I love the widget (Distance covered year to date). Where did you get it? Do you have to manually update it, or is it linked to a website/program?

    1. Thank you Sandra! This is the most common question I get. It is very basic – I use the text widget in paragraph form. Unfortunately I manually adjust it every day. I have a training log from Stevens Creek that makes it easy to keep track and enter the numbers. I wish I could upload it from Garmin!

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