My Day

This morning while I was swimming the 3,100 meter workout my coach gave me I realized that since Sunday, I have swam a total of 14,600 meters. That is just over nine miles. And my swim week is not over. I have a swim scheduled for Saturday. Knowing that I had a run this evening, as I swam my laps I decided that tomorrow will be a rest day. It will be my first complete rest day since December 5th. Just over four weeks since then and I have no problem sleeping in a bit – until 6:00… Once I decided this, the rest of my workout went even better. I swam on my own today and still kept my pace to my goal times. I even did 3 repeats of 300 meters with the slowest being 6:15, or 2:05 per 100 meters. Now I am seeing my pace improve for longer distances, this is my true focus since I will be swimming 1.2 miles in six months.

This evening, as planned, I ran 45 minutes at a pace to maintain my heart rate in zone two. Once again, I am seeing the benefits of metabolic training by running in my lower zones. My average heart rate was 136 (my zone two is 123-140) and I ran an 11:50 pace. Yes, this is a slow pace. But it is one of my fastest slow paces yet. My efficiency is improving to help me run faster at lower heart rates and burn more fat for fuel instead of carbs. It was a great workout to end my day and know that even though I am taking tomorrow off from training, I put in two good workouts today.

Working with a triathlon coach along with my running coach is a new experience for me in many ways. I had trained for so long on my own and creating my own workouts. Now every workout I do is scheduled for me by my coaches. Once I was in control of what workout to do, now I read my schedule to see what is planned. It is no secret here that I am quite a Type A person – I like detail, information, and as much as possible for as long as possible. My running plans are usually given to me at the beginning of the month and I know what I am doing for the next four weeks. My triathlon coach is scheduling week by week right now.  I love the detail that is provided through Training Peaks, enough to keep my Type A in check. But not knowing what is on the schedule for Monday yet is something I have to get used to. Yes, that is four days away… What I did not expect to learn was the true importance of Seize the Day. Each day I wake up to the only day I truly know I have. The details printed on the calendar are just paper and ink (or screen and font…). Beyond training my body, I am also training my mind and my will. I do not have to control everything and I need only look to today for the joys, experiences, and lessons. With that, I have found my good in today.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

2 thoughts on “My Day

  1. Once I let go of the control factor and believed in my triathlon coach I absolutely love not being the person responsible for setting my weekly workouts. Instead of stressing about whether I’m focusing on the right types of workouts to continue to improve I can now stress about the numbers that I show for each and every workout 🙂 It did take a few weeks of working together before the anxiety of not seeing the next couple of weeks went away. Good news is – it does go away.

    BTW – great improvements in the swim and slow run…

    1. Thank you Bob! I thought of you and your coach when I wrote this. I am refraining right now from asking for specific days for bike and run workouts…

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