A Spectrum Day

Yesterday was my first rest day from workouts in just over a month and it also was my first “rest” day from writing a post since I started just over a year ago. I am happy to report I am well rested and ready to share my experiences today. This morning I had two workouts scheduled back to back. First, my triathlon coach wanted me to do an hour time trial on the bike. Due to the weather, I did the time trial on a spinning bike at the gym. I like the feel better than a stationary bike and I can wear my bike shoes. Both give me the feel of actually riding on the road. The main focus of the time trial was to measure my heart rate after a good warm up and then ten minutes into a hard effort I split my watch to calculate my average heart rate for a twenty minute hard effort. My coach says he uses this data to calculate my heart rate zones on the bike. I am interested in finding out what they are. I know the zones on the bike are lower than running. I never even went over 138 today and I felt I was working hard – the equivalent to running at a 158 heart rate which is my anaerobic threshold. One thing I realized, on the bike to get my heart rate up I have to lower the resistance and increase my RPMs to over 100. Even when I have a hard load on the bike, I feel the resistance in my legs, but my heart rate stays in the low 120’s at most. I covered just over 19 miles in an hour, even after adjusting my resistance.

After cycling, I changed and headed to the pool for a scheduled swim my coach also gave me. It was for 2,900 meters. After my warm up, a friend joined me to swim. She used to be the Master’s swim coach at the gym and has given me good tips over the year. We swam together, well I should say we started each set at the same time. She is a very fast swimmer, even with this being her first time in the pool in a while. During a kick set I noticed she was kicking on her back without a kick board. I gave it a try and liked how it felt. It gives my legs a good workout and hopefully will help strengthen me on my backstroke. The workout went very well, she would push and encourage me during a set of 25 meter repeats. We swam a total of 16 repeats and the first 12 I was fairly consistent at 25 to 26 seconds. The last four I pushed harder and got under 25 seconds. It was a great feeling since it was my last set of the workout and I was able to push hard. Upon completing this workout, I have swam a total of 17,500 meters this week. The most in one week I have ever done – and it is just over 10 miles. Swimming with a friend has become one of my favorite ways to get a workout in. Not only is it fun to be with a friend, but the encouragement and challenge continues to help me reach just a bit farther and swim just a bit faster.

Today brought two good workouts and time with a friend I have not seen in a while. Definitely my good in the day. I also spent most of the afternoon and early evening taking down my Christmas decorations. It brought a little feeling of melancholy to box everything up but I also have hope in the future ahead. Like the rainbow reminds me – I seized the day today with a spectrum of activities and I am reminded to look forward to the hope to come. All the more good in today.

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