Last week was an intense training week for me – the longest I have had in two months and I am feeling it this week. I am not sore, I am tired. It doesn’t help that I have not slept as much as I should this week either. Last night I did get adequate sleep but most of today I have been dragging. This morning I was up early and at the pool to swim with my friends. I had every intention of swimming at least 3,000 meters and I started off well too. After a warm up we did 4 x 200 meters on a 4:30 send off. I swam each one, no pulling, and everyone I came in under four minutes. The third one was my fastest at 3:51. I had a mixed feeling of shock and happiness. I was swimming hard, but not full-out-cause-an-asthma-attack hard. That is where the shock came from. Happiness from knowing I could do it. Next up was a set of 8 x 100 meters. We broke them up with the first four on 2:10 then the last four on 2:05. I used the pull buoy for the last four so I could get at least 10 seconds to recover. Again, I stayed under two minutes swimming the 100’s. Pulling I am able to break 1:50. Then came the 8 x 50 meters along with a turn in fate…

We started out with the first four on 1:05 – I could do it. The last four were on a minute. I tried the first one swimming to see if I could keep up. As I was swimming the last 25 meters, my right calf started cramping. Badly. For the next 50 I used the pull buoy but the cramp got worse. Much worse. I was done. And in pain. Not the good ache, but the kind you pray stops soon pain. I got out of the pool and sat on the deck. The lifeguard had to help me by pressing in the spasm that was on the side of my calf and was working its way up my hamstring too. Trigger pressure really helps relieve the spasm, but the process is as painful as the spasm. It took everything in me to not tear up. I was able to hobble to the hot tub and work it out while I watched my friends finish the workout. That was hard – I wanted to do more but I had to settle for 2,300 meters. Fortunately the pain is gone. Being an analytical person, I have been assessing the cause. I may have been a little dehydrated, but not much, I am good at drinking water. I was swimming hard and I could have been out of energy, but I had only been swimming a total on 50 minutes. Over worked from last week doesn’t help and I am dealing with a mildly stressful issue too. It could be a combination. It could just not have been my day.

Speaking of not my day, I just accidentally hit publish. Sorry to all who received an unfinished post with no title! So not ever day will be a Yabba Dabba Do day. But it is still a good day. What I was able to swim I swam well, best yet for 200’s actually. This evening offers promise too with fun dinner plans ahead. What is left of the day, I will seize – and be grateful to have the day to seize.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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