After my workouts today I have come up with two more goals. Yesterday I mentioned my coach wants to work with me to develop my strength on the bike. My first new goal is that I now want to as well. (I almost typed”want to too”, but that reads so funny….) Spin class this morning was challenging. We did several long intervals riding out of the saddle increasing RPM’s from 70 up to 100. I was working hard and really felt my exertion level was close to my anaerobic threshold. My maximum watt output reached around 160 and my heart rate peaked at 144. I should be able to work much harder – and thus begins my strength focus on the bike.

My second goal is in the pool – no surprise there since I have been swimming so much. Today I swam with four others after spin class and one set was 400 meters increasing pace with each 100 meters. I guess I should say two of us swam 400, one swam 450, and two swam 500. I really like that we are able to adjust the distances so we start and finish around the same times. To keep pace I swam with a pull buoy – and I swam well. I came in on 7:15 – about 1:48 per 100 meters. This week I have been able to consistently swim without a pull buoy both 100 meters and 200 meters keeping my pace under 2:00 per 100. Now I want to lose the pull buoy and work on keeping the pace for longer repeats – 300 and 400 meters to start. Improving my pace for longer endurance set is my focus – goal two is to consistently swim 400 meters averaging under 2:00 per 100 meters. If I can pull at a 1:48 pace, I should be able to swim at a 1:55 pace.

As I typed the last sentence in the above paragraph a voice in me said “can you believe you just wrote that?” As much as I focus on Believing I am able, there remains a counter voice inside of me casting doubt. Like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind who learned to ignore the figments of his imagination that followed him everywhere, I may have to learn to ignore the counter voice. In time it will go away. I no longer question my ability to flip turn – heck I am even getting better at flipping with my eyes open now. Recently I have been focusing on Empowerment – it has become an overused word, but in its core it means to give power or authority to; to promote self-actualization. When interacting with people it is helpful to keep in mind – communications sometimes breakdown when a person yields power or authority to someone not deserving. Understanding how to communicate successfully while maintain one’s own empowerment is a learned skill. Likewise, I too must maintain my empowerment in my training – I will not yield to the voice (in my head or doubts of anyone else) that I am not able. The voice that is yielded to is the voice with the power and authority. My voice of “Believing I am able” will trump the doubting counter voice any day.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

6 thoughts on “Empowerment

  1. If I may, having worked extensively with my entire committee (not just a lone voice), I don’t want to ignore it as such, I seek to beat it down with a big stick. To me, ignoring it doesn’t put the negativity in its proper place, where it belongs – sitting in the corner, back to the rest of the committee. 😉

    Just food for thought.

    1. Thank you! My coach has me doing a weight lifting routine and three to four spins a week. I will keep you posted on my progress. The key he says is monitoring the power meter. The spin bikes have them, I am about to take the plunge and invest in one myself.

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