The weather has been very erratic lately - either typical January snow and cold or balmy 50's and 60's. This weekend I experienced both within less than 48 hours. Saturday was mild with temperatures in the upper 40's to lower 50's so I decided to get my long run in, rather than today which has... Continue Reading →

Influence of Friends

After a very good night of sleep I awoke feeling so much better than yesterday. Knowing I had three workouts ahead of me today, I didn't push it too hard in spin class. That was not easy. A good friend of mine was on the bike in front of me and I could see her... Continue Reading →

Yet Still I Learn

Last night when I went to bed I knew I was not going to swim this morning. I was feeling fatigued and opted for a little extra sleep. Even after eight hours of sleep, I woke this morning wishing I could go back to bed. I do not hurt, my body temperature is normal, and... Continue Reading →

Colorful Ending

I created a name for people who crowd the gym in January to "get in shape" - New Year's Resolutioners. These are the people filled with gusto in January proclaiming their commitment to lose weight, exercise, and get it shape - for real this time. And it lasts three to four weeks before the snooze... Continue Reading →

Sleep is Definitely Not Overrated

Who ever said "sleep is overrated" most definitely was not an endurance athlete. Last night I was sound asleep by 9:30, Molly the kitty was on the other side of my closed bedroom door, and I slept sound until 4:30 this morning. It was seven hours of bliss. I actually snoozed a few times and... Continue Reading →

To a New Day

I spent some time today searching through quotes to write this post from. I have several good ones, but they are not applicable to what I have experienced the past two days. Yes, much to Jill's surprise this morning she woke to find I did not write yesterday. And it was not even a rest... Continue Reading →

Some Days Require Flexibility

Sometimes circumstances create an environment where it is beneficial to be flexible. Today was a day that required flexibility - even though it is mid-January in Northeast Ohio the temperature by 9:00 this morning was 50 degrees. Such a glorious rare occurrence, I had to run outside! Usually I would head to the gym on... Continue Reading →


After my workouts today I have come up with two more goals. Yesterday I mentioned my coach wants to work with me to develop my strength on the bike. My first new goal is that I now want to as well. (I almost typed"want to too", but that reads so funny....) Spin class this morning... Continue Reading →

No Cruise Control

Listening to my body is a learned talent and I am getting better at it. Knowing I was in need of more sleep, I decided to sleep in until 6:00 this morning - and still made it to the pool. I felt so refreshed after getting about seven and a half hours of sleep. I... Continue Reading →

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