The Fray wrote the songĀ All At OnceĀ  and the chorus contains a phrase I consider profound. “Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.” Today I discovered how painfully true these words are. This morning I had to put my 18 year old cat Kosey down. Out of my five pets, heContinue reading “Kosey”

Taking It Indoors

With today being day thirteen since my stomach virus hit, I can say somethings are returning to normal. My diet, however, is not. I am slowly working my normal food back in, but it is taking time. It is amazing the things we take for granted – like being able to digest food without painContinue reading “Taking It Indoors”

Training and Racing

This morning Jill at Jogging Jeans suggested I share my upcoming races. Last year I would lay out my goals for the month and I have gotten a little away from that and I thought I would take time today to share. After all, I write about all of the training I am doing, IContinue reading “Training and Racing”

Getting Back on the Bike

After two strong workouts yesterday the one thing I was not expecting was that I needed a little extra sleep to recover. This morning when my alarm went off I knew seven hours of sleep was not enough, so I sent a text to my swim buddy letting her know I would be late andContinue reading “Getting Back on the Bike”

Lessons From Setbacks

Today is day six of not working out and I am also down six pounds. Neither or which I could really afford. The extra rest hopefully will be to my benefit, time will tell. The weight loss certainly has me just below my ideal race weight, hopefully that too will work to my advantage inContinue reading “Lessons From Setbacks”

A Brief Change In Plans

Missing a workout is something I rarely do. Last year I had a head cold and still managed to get my workouts in. When I sprained my ankle it only stopped me from running – for a week – but I kept swimming and cycling. Yesterday started off great – I ran my speed workoutContinue reading “A Brief Change In Plans”