Workout Repeats and Running

Training for me the past two days have been repeats, which I find a little ironic since Groundhog Day was a week ago. Both yesterday and today I started the day out with a spin class and followed it with swimming 2,000 meters. After a hard run Thursday evening, I was surprised that I was able to push hard Friday morning in spin class. It was one of the most challenging classes I have had. Strengthening my legs for climbing on the bike is my goal this year. Until I get out on the road, this was a very good substitute. Afterward four of us swam a force workout – the main set was 8 x 150 meters pulling and we did the first four on 2:50. It was tough. The last four we extended the interval to 3:00 for just enough recovery to go back out strong.

Lately  I have been running on Saturdays, but tomorrow the weather is expected to be a bit warmer and I desperately want to run outside. This morning I went to a spin class with an instructor I had not had before. I have heard she plays good music, so I wanted to try it out. My friends made sure I knew it was more of a “studio cycle” class. Translation – more aerobic exercise than road simulation riding. Everything I heard was true. Good music and a lot of up and down. Especially riding out of the saddle for extended periods. I followed the class for a while but then decided to ride more of a road cycling routine and enjoy the music. Tomorrow I have a long run and I didn’t want to burn my legs out riding hard out of the saddle. I am glad I tried it, it may not be my first choice in spin class style, but it is very popular. All 60 bikes were taken at least a half hour before class started. Different strokes – or pedals – I guess.

Once again I was back in the pool after my spin class and I finished the force workout I did the day before with 8 x 100 meters pulling and 8 x 50 meters pulling for the main set. To offset all of the pulling, I did 300 meters kicking during the warm up and recovery. My times were good – I was able to make all on 2:00 minute per 100 meter send offs and 1:00 minute for the 50’s. I rewarded myself with a little extra time in the hot tub after.

In two days I swam 4,000 meters and rode 38 miles – all inside. Tomorrow I have my run and I am determined to get outside. Motivation comes to me differently for each sport and at different times. Having done two workouts almost the same two days in a row has not been a problem for me. I enjoyed them and had no problem getting through.  I have shared that finding my push to run long has been my greatest challenge since I ran the marathon. Hopefully tomorrow will change things for me. Sunshine and fresh air will definitely help. But as I have shared, the motivation has to come from within. Thursday’s run reminded me that the challenging tests will make me stronger. My body is strong. And I know my mind is too, I just have to keep reminding myself. Rarely do I write about my workouts scheduled the next day. I prefer to stay true to my theme of seizing the day – focusing on today. I am adding a bit about tomorrow because I want to carry over the experiences from the past few days to encourage me through my run. And knowing I will have to write about it tomorrow can’t hurt. Stay tuned.

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  1. I’m almost to a point of holding my breath for the warmup. I can’t wait! It was so stinking cold running today, I felt like the running version of Ralphie’s younger brother in A Christmas Story. Surprising how much of a difference heading south a couple of hours would make.

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