Motivation While Sick

Unfortunately my stomach troubles have continued through today. Once again I have spent the day at home laying down. A friend of mine phrased it well: “You can be really healthy and still be taken down by a microscopic organism.” As the day has progressed I believe tomorrow I will be able to sit more, so I hope to return to work. As for training, I am less hopeful for a morning workout. Possibly an afternoon jog on a treadmill if I am able to eat. That has been the worst side effect – I have lost over five pounds. Goes to show that size is not always important, a microscopic organism has taken me down. But not out.

I received my wristbands in the mail today – that was my exercise for the day, walking the length of my driveway to get my mail. As I mentioned earlier, I ordered three personalized wristbands to help with my motivation to go on in training. The bands are 100% silicone and look fabulous. The company, Wristband Connection, sent me a picture of them before they shipped.

My personalized motivational wristbands.
My personalized motivational wristbands.

The timing was perfect. Here I ordered them to motivate me to get through tough workouts. Today I put on the “Trust” wristband – trust in my training, my ability, and today trust that I will be better and a few days off will not deteriorate all I have put in.

Once again, even a day spent on the sofa with a pain in my belly still brought something good. As well as something to look forward to – training again with my new wristbands to help get me through.

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  1. Hope you get well soon. I have the worst type of cold right now: I am not sick enough to skip the office, but too sick to ride my bike — my appetite is the same as always, but I am not burning any calories through exercise (and it is starting to show).

  2. Having just gone through some bad food poisining last month I can definitely relate. Hope you feel better soon and the one thing I can say is that the first full week (after a few ease back into it days) I had after being sick, I felt better and stronger than ever. I guess the rest, if you can call it that, can do your muscles some good afterall.

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