Getting Back on the Bike

After two strong workouts yesterday the one thing I was not expecting was that I needed a little extra sleep to recover. This morning when my alarm went off I knew seven hours of sleep was not enough, so I sent a text to my swim buddy letting her know I would be late and I went back to sleep. For two more hours. I did make it to the pool, just as my friends were finishing their swim. Better late than never, right? Again I only swam 2,000 meters, modifying a workout that was 3,300 meters. The extra sleep helped and I had a good workout. This workout also had two sets of negative splits for my 100 meter repeats. I was able to swim faster with each split. Just a few seconds, but I did it and felt strong.

My workout this evening was a bit of a debacle. Usually on Wednesdays I go to the gym and ride the spin bikes. Since I want to stay close to home in the evenings this week while I am still recovering, I decided to set up my tri bike on a trainer. I have a fluid trainer I have not used before, so I set it up for the first time. That took a little longer than I had expected. Additionally I took the plunge and bought a power meter for my bike a few weeks ago. Getting everything set up and synchronized with my Garmin was another chore. By the time I was done I had a half hour into the process. Then I got on the bike. It is going take some getting used to on this trainer. I feel like I am dragging a heavy wagon behind me and that was on the lightest resistance. I would be curious to know what others have experienced with trainers. I know All Seasons Cyclist would not have a review on trainers, he would tell me to go outside! My ride was very brief, yet my legs really felt the workout. That wagon I was dragging was a heavy load.

Today brought a good workout and a frustrating one. But I a determined to get the trainer situation right. If anything my current situation will help me develop strength to tackle the hills in Syracuse in June. One thing for sure, I am very happy I am strong enough to get through the workouts and the long and tedious bike set up – feeling just fine. My appetite is returning – both for food and my challenging workouts. It is good to be back.

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