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This morning Jill at Jogging Jeans suggested I share my upcoming races. Last year I would lay out my goals for the month and I have gotten a little away from that and I thought I would take time today to share. After all, I write about all of the training I am doing, I may as well give you an idea of what is on the schedule. I am only going to share the next four months – not that I haven’t registered for races all the way through November, I have – but plans change and we never know what the future really holds. In fact the first official race I was to run has past – and I did not do it. I had registered for a 5K race that was this past Saturday. My stomach virus had different plans for me, so I missed it. Here is the list with a brief commentary:

  • March 16th I head to Washington DC to run the Rock and Roll Half Marathon. There is a full marathon as well. I am going to DC with my running coach who is also running the half marathon. It should be a fun weekend to race, sightsee, and spend time with friends. Three of my favorite things.
  • April 7th I am running a 5 mile race here in town on the Towpath. It is in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, one of my favorite places to run.
  • May 4th I head to another capital city, Columbus, Ohio. I am running the Capital City Half Marathon. This is the main race for the event and should be fun. I chose the race because I am planning on running the Columbus marathon in October. This should give me a good feel for the terrain.
  • June brings two races and the beginning of triathlon season. June 2nd I will be racing an Olympic distance triathlon in Mount Sterling, Ohio (outside of Columbus) at Deer Creek State Park. This race is to get me in the mind set for my biggest triathlon planned this summer. June 23rd I will participate in the Ironman Syracuse 70.3 Half Ironman.

Now you have an idea of what I am planning and why I am training so much. Speaking of training – I was back in the pool today and swam 2,000 meters. Today’s workout was focused on more distance with sets of 200 and 400 meters. I still have yet to break 2:00 per 100 meters on the 400. I am going to have to influence my swimming buddy to do  some long sets with me. We push each other and that may be what I need. This evening I ran on my treadmill at home. Earlier in the afternoon I had a little stomach cramping, this thing has not completely left the building apparently, so I chose to run at home incase I didn’t feel well. Fortunately it passed and I ran a good tempo run that included three miles at my half marathon goal pace.

In sharing my races and training, I can not help but question is it racing that gets me to train, or I race because I train. Truth be told it is a little of both. What is the overriding factor is the time spent with my friends. I am so fortunate to have found a group of people that not only train crazy distances like I do, but I really like them too! That may sound silly, but it really helps keep me motivated. I wrote a few weeks ago about how I had wristbands made at Wristband Connection that have my mantras on them. I did it to remind myself as well as give that extra push of motivation when my friends are not with me. The company liked the words I chose and emailed me asking what my motivation was behind it. I told them and referred them to the blog post I wrote the day I placed the order. Well, the company was inspired and created this 51 second video. Please check it out and check them out too. I say this with no ulterior motive – I was not compensated and I paid the the regular price for the bands. The video includes clips of me training with my friends – in the pool, the spin room, and on the treadmills. 

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

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  1. What a great video and post. You’ve definitely been a major inspriation for me as I started this crazy adventure this past summer. I enjoy following your journey and look forward to hearing more about the trainings and racing to come.

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