Actions and Inspiration

After such a strong long run yesterday I was not surprised to wake up to soreness this morning. I feel it mostly in my hamstrings and hips. Since today is my rest day and I am able to do yoga, I took advantage of a Slow Flow yoga class this evening. I had planned onContinue reading “Actions and Inspiration”

A Great Long Run

I am happy to report that today’s run was wonderful – I ran twelve glorious miles in pure sunshine. Warm is a relative word in Northeast Ohio in February, so I would say it was in the low 30’s when I started out. With the sunshine and little to no wind, I enjoyed the “warm”Continue reading “A Great Long Run”

Workout Repeats and Running

Training for me the past two days have been repeats, which I find a little ironic since Groundhog Day was a week ago. Both yesterday and today I started the day out with a spin class and followed it with swimming 2,000 meters. After a hard run Thursday evening, I was surprised that I wasContinue reading “Workout Repeats and Running”

Lessons In Training From “Downton Abbey”

I have to admit I learned a lot about training today from the television show Downton Abbey. I also must admit that I did not write yesterday because I was watching one of the episodes from season three. Recently a friend of mine lent me seasons one and two to watch. Within the first 10Continue reading “Lessons In Training From “Downton Abbey””

Lessons, Groundhogs, and Light

After a busy few days, I am taking advantage of the power outage in New Orleans to write. I may have not been able to write the past two days, but  I certainly was able to get my training in. Friday morning I made it to spin class and swam a bit after. Another coldContinue reading “Lessons, Groundhogs, and Light”