Putting It Into Practice

Training with a sinus cold is not ideal, but after that vicious stomach virus I had earlier this year, it didn't seem so bad. Once again, perspective is relative. My workouts since Wednesday have been interesting. Now that I know my T pace in the pool (threshold pace) I am able to set time goals... Continue Reading →


Time. It is measured many different ways even though there is only one true measurement of the passage of time. Since I last posted I have not had much free time, I have been rushing around to be on time, and in my training I have done two more time trials. Oh, and now I... Continue Reading →

Time Trial – Swim

Races and time trials are some of the best ways to monitor progress. My friend asked me if I wanted to swim a time trial with her that her coach gave her to gauge her pace for swim in a half iron distance triathlon. With my race three months away, I agreed - it is... Continue Reading →


The first day of spring is one thing and the first spring day is another. The difference between them is sometimes as great as a month. - Henry van Dyke A friend of mine posted this quote today on Facebook when I shared the weather forecast here in Cleveland. These words are very true. Especially... Continue Reading →

Mixed Emotions

Patience, moderation, frustration, exhilaration, laughter, and sadness. Common feelings and I experienced them all today. My swim this morning went well - I did 16 repeats of 100 meters in my main set - with the goal of descending times with in sets. It was challenging and I felt good. The last 12 repeats I... Continue Reading →

Back At It

Yesterday we drove home. The journey was just over six hours and flew by. I was pleased to find I was not feeling very stiff - after such a hilly run, my legs were feeling the strain, but handed the drive well. Not wanting to push it, I rested yesterday. I would have liked to... Continue Reading →

Rock and Roll Half Marathon USA

Today was a great day to run a half marathon. The rain stayed away and the wind was nonexistent. The course, however, was much hillier than I expected. A total of 30,000 runners participated in both the half and full marathon. Of that, just shy of 20,000 made up the half marathon race. It took... Continue Reading →

Go With the Flow

This morning I went for a light shake out jog on an absolutely beautiful morning. It was a little cool, around 40 degrees, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Our hotel is close to the National Mall so I took advantage of running down to the Washington Monument. It is centrally located so... Continue Reading →

Grateful Groove

Traveling to a destination race sometimes is stressful - packing properly, getting to the airport on time, security, flying - none of which I had to deal with today. I drove from Cleveland to Washington DC with my friend (and running coach) and didn't have to be concerned about time restraints or packing limitations. We... Continue Reading →

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