Go With the Flow

This morning I went for a light shake out jog on an absolutely beautiful morning. It was a little cool, around 40 degrees, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Our hotel is close to the National Mall so I took advantage of running down to the Washington Monument. It is centrally located so I was able to take a few pictures of four well known landmarks. First The Washington Monument:

A quick jog a little east from there I took a picture of the Capitol. The sun was bright and caused a shadow, but it turned out kind of cool:

Another jog west around the Washington Monument and I was able to zoom in on the Lincoln Memorial:

I turned north to jog back to the hotel and there it was, the White House:


By noon we were on the Metro subway headed to the expo. For a sold out race, it did not take long at all to get my number and goodie bag. I really liked the set up, the first place you go is through packet pickup before entering the vendor area. Once I get my packet I am more relaxed to browse the vendor booths. Many expos put packet pickup in the far back corner with the hopes of runners buying items from the vendors first. I can not speak for other runners, but that is my least favorite set up.

Now I am all set. My clothes are organized, my breakfast ready, and I am about to get to bed for an early wake up. The weather looks iffy. There is rain in the forecast, when it arrives is the question. The temperature looks cool – low 40’s. I am not a fan of running in the rain for sure. However after the marathon I ran in December (torrential down pour for 16 miles) I know I can do it. As always, what I can control (little) I have in order. What I can not control (almost everything) I will just go with the flow. And hope that the rain doesn’t flow until I cross the finish line.

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