Back At It

Yesterday we drove home. The journey was just over six hours and flew by. I was pleased to find I was not feeling very stiff – after such a hilly run, my legs were feeling the strain, but handed the drive well. Not wanting to push it, I rested yesterday. I would have liked to have run a few easy miles to shake out my legs in the morning, but my right ankle was a little strained. Having dealt with a sprained ankle just a year ago, I did not want to risk it.

Since Sunday was my rest day, I decided to go to spin class this morning. The workout was a challenging endurance workout. Considering I am recovering from the race, I would say I was at about 75% of the effort level I would have done if I had fresh legs. I was sure feeling it though, my heart rate was up and my legs were cruising. Last week one of my friends, who is a very strong cyclist, suggested focusing on moving my legs more like pistons on a locomotive. More of a forward/backward motion than up and down. She gave me some of the best advice I have ever gotten on improving my turnover. At all resistance levels I was able to sustain a quicker rotation than I have in the past. It is amazing how one little tweak can make such a difference.  After spin I headed to the pool for a swim. In all I did 1,500 meters. It felt so good to be back in the water. My pace is back to where I was before I got sick. My ankle felt fine pushing off the wall when I flipped. For my first day back after the race, my workouts were strong.

A common topic over the weekend with my coach (and friend) was diet. More protein or carbs? Fat or low fat? Grains or vegetables? It got me thinking and researching a bit. I am still experimenting, but one thing I have come to believe is that fat is not bad. What kind of fat is the issue. Nuts, avocados, olives, olive oils – healthy good fats. If it comes from an animal – limit it. I am still researching and reading, so I will share as I go. I am looking into Paleo and I have always had a interest in vegetarian or a modification of – I have a feeling I will come up with some form of Paleo – pescatarian (fish) – with dairy and beans. (I am sure die hard Paleo eaters are cringing at the thought…)

Now that I am feeling better and getting into my training routine again, I am looking forward to seeing how (or if) diet will make a difference. There is always room to grow and learn. Part of learning is trail and error, so I am sure I will come across a few bumps. But I will never know until I tri.

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