Time Trial – Swim

Races and time trials are some of the best ways to monitor progress. My friend asked me if I wanted to swim a time trial with her that her coach gave her to gauge her pace for swim in a half iron distance triathlon. With my race three months away, I agreed – it is a good way to get an idea of my pace. This morning we got in a crowded pool and did a long warm up before we went into the time trial. The time trial was made up of 3 x 300 meters with the goal of going fast, but sustaining a pace that we could hold for all three sets. We only had 30 seconds rest and we were to keep the pace for each 300 meters within 15 seconds of each other. We swim a very similar pace and were sharing a lane, so we decided to send off about 15 seconds apart. She went first and I followed. I swam hard and kept an idea of where my friend was when we passed to make sure we were fairly consistent. It definitely pushed us to swim hard. My results – 5:54, 5:56. and 5:58. I kept it within four seconds – and under 2:00 per 100 meters every set. My friend did even better with her slowest at 5:51. I was very happy with how we both did. My average pace per 100 meters based on the trial is 1:58. For now – I want to do this again next month to see if I improve. In all we swam 3,000 meters – a very challenging and fulfilling workout.

My run this afternoon was an easy zone 2 run for 55 minutes. After the hard swim this morning, I was glad to have an easy run. It felt good to shake my legs out and listen to some music on the treadmill while I let my mind go. I also got my resistance workout in. I am a little sore from Tuesday, it has been quite a while since I lifted, and after today I think I will feel it even more tomorrow.

Today’s time trial was the first I have done like this in swimming, but it certainly shows I have progressed. That alone is motivation to push harder – in all three sports. This afternoon I was discussing my mantra Believe with a friend and she helped me see the word in a new way. Yes, I use it to believe I am able, I am capable to push harder. But I also need to believe I already have abilities – some I may not be using. My coach and I came to that conclusion after reviewing my race split times compared to my heart rate. I have to let go of the fears and doubts and just do it.

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I want to encourage everyone to follow your passions, not just what is easy. It is in overcoming hurdles and barriers that we truly test our limits and abilities. There is much more we are capable of if we only believe in ourselves.

10 thoughts on “Time Trial – Swim

  1. I absolutely love time trials and have done them for swimming, biking, and running. Just as you point out, its such a motivation to see your improvement as many days we don’t realize just how much progress we make. Congrats on jumping on this and posting really solid results.

      1. So funny you say that. My kick is terrible! In fact, in most of the master swims I attend there is a 200 kick that is part of the warm-up, I’ve yet to finish it strong and without my legs feeling like they are burning and falling off.

      1. Not yet. . . I’m not as fast as you, but I felt good about my splits.
        I did 6x50s (I’m just training for a sprint) and got my time down to :50 for the 50, my fastest ever! Started at :58, ended at 1:01. Very happy about that. Thanks for asking. . . I know what you mean about having to catch up with blog postings!
        I should be working on my book–but instead I’m messing around here!

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